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PAC Runs Iowa Radio Ad to Draft Gore


Click the play button above to play the ad (0:30 mp3).

The Draft Gore Committee launched its first radio ad on Monday in Iowa. The 30-second ad, dubbed "You Who," will go national in July. It features a chorus of voices seeking Gore's attention and urging him to seek the Democratic presidential nomination.

The political action committee, which claims to have gathered 94,000 signatures on an online petition, is not officially affiliated with the former vice president. He has repeatedly said he has no plans seek the nomination, though he hasn't ruled out a bid.

Eva Ritchey, the treasurer for the Draft Gore Committee, said drafts have been successful in the past and pointed to one that persuaded Dwight Eisenhower to run for president in 1952. She said drafts "are a legitimate political mechanism for encouraging an unwilling candidate to enter the race."

She thinks Gore is enjoying success on his current career path and may be reluctant to change his focus and commit to campaigning. But, she said the nation needs him as president to make policy changes and appoint the appropriate people who can combat global warming.

"If the American public really wants him to run, then they have a responsibility to make that loud and clear," she said in a telephone interview from Hendersonville, N.C.

The radio ad, being run on WHO-AM in Des Moines, included such pleas as "Mr. Gore we need you for president" and "We deserve a president we can respect."

"Al Gore: Right on Iraq, right on global warming, right for the 21st Century," the ad says.

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Comments (13)

Lee Ward:

Thanks, Larkin.

If we end up with Gore, Thompson, and Bloomberg that would be a sight, and waste of a lot of money spent on the campaigns of Clinton, Obama, Giuliani, Romney, etc...

Paul Hamilton:

(falls on knees, raises arms to the air...) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I like Gore's ideas but nothing I've seen from him indicates to me that he knows how to run a winning campaign. And I really, really don't want to hear more endless recitations from "Earth in the Balance."

Lee Ward:

You don't think he's learned from his mistakes?

Dollars to donuts he'd pick Hillary as his running mate.

Steve Crickmore:

Maybe Lee, but Bernstein's new biography talks about how grim Hillary can be in the White House and "the rivalry" that occurred between Hillary and Vice-President Al Gore..I would much rather see a 'new' Gore choosing Obama on the ticket.

Lee Ward:

I was thinking that Gore would want Hill because he would also get her campaign machinery -- which is reportedly the best in the world, but maybe they'd jump ship and move to Gore when hers sank anyway. I wasn't aware of the rivalry between Hillary and Al.

Steve Crickmore:

Both Hillary biographies call attention to it but without much strengtening anecdote, so it may be pretty loy-keyed. This is a pretty good synopsis of the two books broken down into category from 'Time'

civil behavior:

So sad that most of the Wizbang Blue intelligensia hasn't been discussing the platform of Dennis Kucinich which elucidates each and every point any progressive desires as the future of this nation just goes to show how easily the media manipulates public perceptions.

Here is a man who could change the world with his vision which perfectly aligns with progressives. Here is a man who would revolutionize the thought processes of how we look at global community.

And here we are talking about Hillary or Obama?

civil behavior:

Or Gore? Leave Gore to the climate crisis......it needs him and we need someone to stay focused on that problem alone.

Lee Ward:

Define 'could' change the world, CB. I think the words that that fit better are 'would if given the chance,' but the reality is that he's not electable no matter what you or me or anyone else does to promote him.

Lee Ward:

Just found this site, which linked back to us after we posted this story. Another Gore supporting site.



I don't know which is more phony, global warming or Gore's haircolor.

Paul Hamilton:

He'll never be another Reagan. That guy must have owned stock in Clairol...

Wonder how Gore's bald spot is doing? We never see any pictures of him any more except from the front...

Lee Ward:

That's because Al isn't one of those defeated Republican'ts who dragged us into Iraq and now have no clue how to get us out of there. No, Al is man who's always moving forward -- never retreating.

Hmm, do you think that'll fit on a bumper sticker?


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