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"Paris Hillary"

Just for fun, let's dip once again into the sewer of the right wing blogosphere to find the silliest post of the day. And the winner is...

from The American Daily:

Two women are very much in the news these days. Both have a great deal in common, although it may not appear so at first. For the sake of convenience, and to make my point, I were refer to these women as one and I will give this binary female a name, Paris Hillary.

What are the characteristics of Paris Hillary? She does not consider herself accountable to the law. The rules of conduct that govern ordinary men and women simply do not apply to her. Paris Hillary only allows herself to be surrounded by fawning protectors and fans, she does not have the slightest notion or the slightest concern about what other people feel or think.

Paris Hillary has a big problem with the truth. She regards it as a major obstacle to her getting her way, which is the only thing important in her life. The members of her family facilitate this problem with truth which has led to Paris Hillary leading a life divorced from any sort of reality. It does not matter if her mendacity-challenged lifestyle threatens the safety of others, Paris Hillary uses words and promises just like credit cards, only credit cards that she never intends to pay.

Also Paris Hillary has no sense of what people once called "decency." If family members are having affairs, that does not bother her. If she can exploit the blessings God has given her for pleasure and power, great. Morality, in general, does not bother her. Paris Hillary considers that she transcends morality.

Every now and then a right winger will see someone from our side of the aisle talking about Fred Thompson being an empty suit and responds by saying how afraid we must be of him to talk like that.

And then you find something like this... :)

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Comments (3)


"Parillary" would have been a better imaginary character.

This post you linked to tried very hard, and is in it's own way...art.

Bad art.

Paul Hamilton:

Yeah, kind of like that artist who "painted" with dung. :)

Lee Ward:

THAT's why my living room smells that way...


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