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Elizabeth Edwards Smacks Down Ann-thrax

coulter_edwards.jpgTPM Cafe commentary (video appears below):

This morning, the Edwards campaign sent out a fundraising email with a video of Ann Coulter basically stopping just short of saying she wanted to see John Edwards killed in a terrorist attack.

Well, Coulter was just on Hardball -- and moments ago, Elizabeth Edwards called in to stage a surprise confrontation of the pundit.

A couple quick points on this. First, Elizabeth is basically now the lead front-woman for attacking the wingnuts -- standing up for her man, and all that. Recall that Coulter called Edwards a "faggot" and has launched other, equally tasteful attacks on him of late. Also recall that Elizabeth went after Matt Drudge the other day. This is clearly a storyline being laid out by the campaign, and for good reason. (Cue up the pundits who will claim this makes Edwards look weak and incapable of defending himself.)

Click on the 'play' button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

I'm starting to think that Elizabeth would be a better candidate than John...

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Comments (9)

Lee Ward:

It's not anything new - but you're right - she does get the wingnuts down to Wal-Mart to buy her books.

Do you remember Mort Downey Jr. back in the late '80s? Same MO, although I don't think Downey ever got it together to write books.

Steve Crickmore:

She is definitely 'the ugly face' of conservatism..But Paul Hamilton (and Ann) make one good point I'm starting to think that Elizabeth would be a better candidate than John I would much rather the male Democrat candidates or even Hillary have a go at Ann and her bigotry..They have certainly been baited enough..

Lee Ward:

The reason may be the equal time provisions. Not sure if they would apply in this instance, but if Hardball let John Edwards have x minutes on air, would they have to offer equal time to others? I suspect so...


She probably wants it more than he does. Just as Teresa does.

Steve Crickmore:

An update :For those of you who haven't read Digby's column on June 28th. It is excellent on the Coulter phenomena, "But at the end of the day, this entire debate is really about one thing and one thing only --- making liberals look weak using ancient archetypal notions of leadership and every politician should remember it when dealing with her and her ilk."


Think how often Ann of Arc is burned.


Digby's dissonant, or something. She calls Ann a 'modern waif-like child woman', yet also calls her attractive, and a powerful warrior.

Lee Ward:

Wikipedia points out that super-skinny models are considered 'waifish' - and some consider that look attractive.


I didn't say Wikipedia was dissonant, I said Digby was. Does she consider 'waifish' attractive?

Do you? Do you moo?


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