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Yet Another Simplistic "Solution"

Letter to the Editor of World Net Daily:

(quoted in full since there are no permalinks to letters there)

Here is one solution to the illegal immigration problem: The American government can offer every illegal who returns to Mexico, and stays there, a Social Security check every month. The Mexican government on their part will sell their oil to the U.S. at a very low price.

The American oil companies will build a refinery especially for Mexican oil near Yuma where oil tankers can unload. The amount of the Social Security check and the price of the oil would be negotiated to everyone's satisfaction.

If illegals still prefer life in the U.S., once they are back home they can apply for legal immigration on a fast track system of entry. In the meantime, they will be receiving a Social Security check financed by Mexican oil.

Mexican oil is hundred times better than ethanol and more efficient. To sweeten the deal, the Mexican oil company, Pemex, would be encouraged to open a station in every city in the U.S.

I understand that Mexico has enough oil to supply both countries for a hundred years. This will give us time to find other solutions to our mutual problems.

Unifying Canada, USA and Mexico is not one of the solutions.

Joseph J. Davis

Okay, who can see the blatantly obvious flaw in this idea?

("Final Jeopardy" music plays...)

The answer is that this actually encourages people to come across the border illegally. They can come across, allow themselves to be arrested and returned and go back to their jobs and families with a free check from Uncle Sugar every month.

But I guess actutally thinking things through to their logical conclusion is not a conservative trait...

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Why don't you want the poor Mexicans to get the benefit of their own oil?


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