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And Now For Something Completely Different

The motto on his web page is priceless:

Too lazy and stupid to think for yourself? Welcome to Jesus country.

Here is atheist British comic Pat Condell, with his 5 minute treatise on the subjects of "Islamaphobia' and 'political correctness.' I watched this last night and laughed out loud several times. He makes entirely too much sense. Here it is... enjoy.

(5:00) WARNING - Mature language - Discretion advised.
Click on the 'play' button in the lower-left-hand corner to play the video.

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Comments (3)

Lee Ward:

Usually when I offend someone it's intentional - but not in this case. You thought the quote was from a Christian site? I find that hard to believe, but in your case I have no reason to doubt what you're saying -- I just find it surprising.

Steve Crickmore:

This guy Pat Condell is very very good..My brother had sent me an earlier one by him 'The trouble with Islam' (included in the larger Condell package, which is even more satirical)..He would be great if a politician anywhere could be just as plain spoken, but I suppose few parties would accept him, and if he was voted into office, he or she would probably live in fear of their lives.

Lee Ward:

Thanks for the link, Steve. I hope we see more of Condell. Give him a talk show...


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