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Bald Eagle to be Removed from Endangered List


This is fantastic news for all Americans. The bald eagle fell to a low 417 breeding pairs in the US in 1967, now there are approximately 10,000 pairs.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has scheduled an announcement about the eagle's status for this morning at the Jefferson Memorial. No details were available, but environmental advocates said the intent was clear: For months, wildlife service officials have been making legal preparations for taking bald eagles off the protected list. If the species is removed, it will provide a legal postscript to a rebound that is obvious to bird-watchers nationwide. [...]

"It's really one of the greatest conservation success stories in U.S. history," said Tony Iallonardo, a spokesman for the National Audubon Society.

Although the number of bald eagles has soared in most states -- up to 1,166 nesting pairs in Florida -- the raptors remain relatively scarce in desert terrain, according to counts tabulated by the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity.

California's eagle population has experienced a moderate rise, reaching 200 pairs in 2005, up from 18 pairs in 1973. In the Bay Area, one mating pair has been spotted at Del Valle Reservoir south of Livermore.

But in Arizona, which hosts the only winter nesting bald eagle population in North America, there were only 43 occupied nests in 2006. New Mexico had only two pairs, Nevada, five, and Utah, 11, the group's study found.

Removing the bird from the roll of threatened species, a process referred to as delisting, isn't likely to mean a new hunting season for bald eagles. Instead, the birds will probably enjoy most of the protections they do now under policies the Fish and Wildlife Service recently outlined. Those include federal prohibitions on killing or wounding them and disturbing their nests.

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Comments (9)


Next, they'll be pestiferous.

Paul Hamilton:

But this success story is a mandated to CONTINUE what we did to restore the eagles, not to reverse it.


They taste just like chicken.


See what happens when you let the commie enviro-wacko tree-huggers have their way?


Right, groucho, the masses die quietly and distantly of malaria.


Spackle the walls for God's sake. Some of what Rachel wrote was untrue.

Paul Hamilton:

Kim, since you're so concerned about malaria, I assume you're also doing all you can to reverse global warming since warmer temperatures allow the disease to spread into new parts of the world.


Solar cycle #25 coming up, much weaker than usual; we're set to cool.

It is absurd to think you can control malaria by controlling climate. Who do you think you are, God? Are you the Law of Unintended Consequences Personified?


I mean really, Paul, you've been as fair as any leftist around here, but that was a thoughtless comment, thrown out for snark.

And not even very good snark, either.


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