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Richardson Wants Talks with Iran

richardson.jpgUSA Today story:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a veteran of diplomatic missions to hotspots all over the world, offered his take on Iran and its nuclear ambitions today at the Center for National Policy.

USA TODAY's Barbara Slavin reports that there was standing room only as Richardson called for "broad, bilateral, unconditional negotiations with Iran -- with all subjects open for discussion." He said the Bush administration should give up talk of regime change, Slavin reports, and not fund Iranian émigré groups "in the delusional expectation that they will somehow be able to topple the regime."

He's got a very good diplomatic record, and it seems obvious to me that talking is better than shooting although some in the White House might disagree.

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Comments (8)

Steve Crickmore:

He has got a dream 'CV' for all the emerging issues, a solid anglo-saxon surname, is 3/4 Mexican (that should lock up the Hispanic vote) and he's the only major candidate that I know of, to call for zero troops to be left behind in Iraq. If Gore doesn't run, and voters don't want to risk Obama and can't face the prospect of listening to Hillary to every day, who know's?


Mexico governor? When did we annex New Mexico to Mexico? I didn't realize that the immigration problem had gotten that bad. Or is USA Today privy to some secret knowledge?

Paul Hamilton:

LOL! Thanks, Engineer -- I just checked to make sure I didn't mess up with my cut and paste and that's the way it reads in the USA Today story that I quoted.

It's fixed now.


Larkin misses the refinery in the room.


larkin, i believe the problem lies in that the Iranians 1)have not been keen on international inspections and controls and 2)the leadership in Iran keeps talking about wiping another nation off the map. oh, and 3)they feel that they should be the power in the middle east, all the while exporting their brand of revolutionary Islam.

here's the thing about diplomacy, in order for it to work, each side has to be willing to concede something to the other side, right? what happens if iran isn't willing to concede anything? do we just negotiate forever while they continue on their merry way, testing missiles and enriching uranium?

what are *you* willing to give up for peace with the Ahmed? and is it something he's willing to accept in order to put his uranium enrichment under international monitoring and inspections?


i'm impressed, larkin. i'm not used to liberal posters ever giving credit to bush about anything.

i'm not okay with iran having the bomb. the biggest difference between iran and north lorea is that the north koreans are afraid of the chinese. or at least wary of them. from all the rhetoric coming from iran, i'm not sure there is a stick to go along with the carrot of ongoing negotiations. besides which iran has a long history of using these negotiations strictly to buy time.


Larkin misses the Hezbollah in Israel's anteroom.


C'mon, post again; I wanta see what you miss next. You do understand that Iran could reduce their dependence on imported gasoline by building refineries instead of superfluously enriching uranium. And you understand that Iran is very much on the march to Israel, so much so that it has alarmed the Saudis and other Sunni, don't you?


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