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Bush Wishes "Lord Would Take Castro Away"

Reuters story:

U.S. President George W. Bush made plain his feelings about Fidel Castro on Thursday -- wishing the Cuban leader would disappear.

"One day the good Lord will take Fidel Castro away," Bush said in answer to a question after a speech at the Naval War College.

Asked whether Bush was wishing Castro dead, White House National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said: "The president was commenting on an inevitable event."

Well, heck, since Bush and Jesus are Best Friends Forever, it should be no sooner said than done...

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Comments (11)

Lee Ward:

With God as his wingman George Bush can do no wrong.

One day the Constitution will take George Bush away. Thank the good Lord for the 22nd amendment.

Lee Ward:

Amen to that!


Oh, please, more BDS.

Any of you wiseasses know what question he was answering?


You know, context. I don't know; I'm just pretty sure the story isn't quite the same with context.


Good Heavens; it is sophistical to confuse a statement of fact with a wish. When Castro gets far enough along and he'll wish the Good Lord would take him, I gawrawntie. By the way, will he confess?

This is such garbage. What a waste of time. Now I'm starting to self-loathe. At least I can loathe the time-management me.


And special for the sinner, Lee Ward; Clinton makes reference to God twice as often in his speeches as Bush does. Of course, the hypocrite mostly restricts that speech to the black faithful. He wouldn't want the rest of you believers getting freaked about what a theocrat he is. Autocrat for wife, maybe, but Clinton is a religious hypocrite.

Lee Ward:

Please keep your thoughts collected in a single post, instead of four consecutive posts like the above, kim. Thanks.

Paul Hamilton:

Kim, Bush was doing one of two things with that remark:

1. He was saying that he wished Castro was dead, only in slightly softer language.

2. He was saying that Castro is the enemy of God and that God should remove him from the picture so that the forces of good (by which he probably means himself) could take over.

I lean more to the latter.


Bush wishes, along with most Cubans. Get real.



bush was saying one thing with that statement. one day castro will be dead. that is neither wishing for his death, nor is it saying that castro is the enemy of god (tho if you would actually read up on communism, you would see that true communists believe that religion is the opiate of the masses).


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