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Our Attack That Killed Afghan Kids Deliberately: US Military Officials

Just over a week ago, we at 'Wizbangblue' talked about a horror story in which the US bombed a "compound" in Paktika province, Afghanistan, where it was claimed "nefarious activity" was ocurring. Seven children died in the bombing raid. Sgt. Dean Welch cautioned: "If we knew that there were children inside the building, there was no way that an air strike would have occurred."

Now the truth has come out..The military has confessed. They knew that there were children in the school, but as they suspected `nefarious activity` in the shape of a Al Qaeda leader could be lurking there, they decided to bomb the compound (not `no way` but) anyway.

Of course, it looks like we never got the suspected Al Qaeda leader, `ranked in the top 5` in Afghanistan, (does that mean he was ranked 5th?) but they rather recklessly killed a group of school children, who will now never get the chance to be ranked in life.`Attack that killed kids likely missed the target. Officials: Military knew children were present but considered risk worth it' but it goes without saying, not for the innocent Afghan children.

NATO spokesman Nick Lunt said on the weekend, "We need to do better than we have been doing so far (they've been saying this for the last 5 years). But unlike the Taleban, (and here is where the bar is always set) we do not set out to cause civilian casualties, and that is a critical difference." It wasn't a critical difference to the children, and it appears that more civilians have been killed this year as a result of foreign military action than have been killed by insurgents, correspondents say

Col. Jack Jacobs, a Medal of Honor winner and NBC News analyst, said, "It still haunts the military from World War II, when 70,000 or 100,000 civilians were killed because people thought it would end the war sooner." But the principal mission of the US in Afghanistan is counter-terrorism, and the type of mentality as demonstrated by the US tactics of aerial bombing is counter-productive -- or as Larkin puts it bluntly, ''We'll never win the war in Afghanistan from 20,000 feet up".

If I were a parent in Afghanistan I WOULD DEFINITELY want the latest Pentagon rankings of the various Al Qaeda leaders. Maybe they could be published, so the civilians and their children in Afghanistan might avoid them. How is that for a risk-adverse tactic at winning the war on terrorism, on the ground, where it will have to be won, if it is to be won at all?

UPDATE: The latest attack, Saturday '30 Afghans killed, wounded in airstrikes' Is this any better?

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Comments (4)

Lee Ward:

Children accidentally caught in crossfire is a tragedy of war. Americans killing Afghan children knowingly? I really thought we were better than that.

Yes, if we always shy away from a target that is surrounded by children, these targets will nestle into those kinds of locations intentionally. So what? Are they not going to do that now?

No, they still will, of course, and there's every reason to believe that the US policies which led to this tragedy won't change either -- so what are we left with?

We're left with our grand 'war on terror' -- an unconventional war, a war of ideologies, that we launched in place of the more appropriate police action that the murderous thugs from 9/11 really called for...

..and on this ideological frontlines we're baby killers?

To have police firebomb a house in Los Angeles containing children as they pursued members of a gang of murderous criminals would be an abomination - but call it a "war on terror', and jump to Afghanistan instead, and we can apparently kill children and just write it off as collateral damage.

And after all, these aren't Christian children -- they're dark skinned Muslim children, right? Americans won't weep for them. American mothers won't be upset at the thought of these babies dying a horrible death simply because the conservative Christian right in America decided to launch a religious war, instead of chasing down and prosecuting a gang of murderous thugs...

Uhm, I forget - which side is the murderous thugs again?

Paul Hamilton:

The next to last paragraph in the posted story is the key one. We never took Afghanistan seriously, never put anywhere close to sufficient boots on the ground. And as a result, sometimes we have to take a shot that is less than ideal, like this case.

However, we were not targeting the kids. That sort of sensationalist talk might appeal to the Kos Krowd, but it's not a true assessment of the situation.

What is bad about this is that it seems that we missed the person we were targeting and so any other casualties were obviously not justified by the results.

We need better and more immediate intel in all aspects of the war on terrorists. It's a shame we're just wasting so many precision munitions over in Iraq because, if we could get good intel about the activities of terrorists, they'd be perfect weapons to use here, while minimizing civilian losses.

Paul Hamilton:

I agree. We see things slipping away in both Iraq and Afghanistan and, as a result, do increasingly desperate things which reflect badly on us. There surely would have been an opportunity to take a shot at those terrorists when they were outside of the compound, but when we simply have no clue what's going on, we were reduced to the old spray-and-pray with the results that you'd expect.


Now it's our fault this struggle is assymetric? When are you going to ever fault radical Islam?


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