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Romney Loses Nomination Over Dog Abuse?

ltpRomneyTrk062907.jpgIt could happen. The news of Mitt Romney's abuse of his pet during a family driving vacation has created a firestorm of backlash against the presidential hopeful, and appears to be losing some votes for him.

TIME.com's Swampland blog has been flooded with more than 200 comments from readers complaining of animal cruelty, YouTube viewers have posted satirical videos, and hundreds of personal blogs are brimming with opinions and jokes.

For some, the story has become an occasion to consider larger issues of ethics and animal abuse. Romney, who has built an image as a strong manager, is now facing concerns about his ability to empathize with the less powerful, in this case, his dog, Seamus, riding atop his station wagon.

"I'll admit that I'm coming from a dog-centric point of view," Tucker Carlson, the conservative pundit, said Thursday on MSNBC. "But I'm feeling that maybe Mitt Romney lost my vote here. Do you need to be a PETA member to be disturbed by the fact that this guy put a dog on the roof of his car? Does that bother you?"

For some critics, the answer was yes.

"Well, I am a dog owner, and I can say with certainty that strapping your dog to the roof of the car for a 12-hour drive, windshield or no windshield, is, well, nuts," David Kravitz wrote on BlueMassGroup, a liberal blog. "It also strikes me as classic Romney: it solves a problem efficiently, in a business-like manner, and with no regard whatsoever for the suffering that the solution may cause."

The odd part of this is that the revelation of Romney's abuse came from his own family, who perhaps were just trying to relate another 'wicked funny' story about Mitt the Flipper.

But surely the Flipster isn't going to lose votes over this 'amusing anecdote' about his family vacation, is he? Why, it was all just good, clean fun!

Family members told the Globe that Romney attached a special windshield onto Seamus' carrier to protect him from the wind. Romney was traveling that summer with his wife, five sons, and Seamus to his parent's cottage on Lake Huron. But hours into the ride, Seamus apparently suffered diarrhea, which ran down the back window of the car. Romney's sons, all under 13, howled in disgust. Romney pulled off the road into a service station. There, he borrowed a hose, washed down Seamus and the car, and they drove on to Ontario.

He drove on! Leaving that poor dog on the roof! Mitt has been skewered over this, and rightly so.

TIME's Ana Marie Cox was among the first to weigh in. Under the headline, "Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation," she quoted Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, calling Seamus' ride "a lesson in cruelty" for Romney's sons.

"Thinking of the wind, the weather, the speed, the vulnerability, the isolation on the roof, it is commonsense that any dog who's under extreme stress might show that stress by losing control of his bowels," Newkirk told Cox. "That alone should have been sufficient indication that the dog was, basically, being tortured."

And as the firestorm of opinion mounted, Romney was forced to answer back as to why organizations like PETA were upset with him:

"PETA has not been my fan over the years," Romney said. "PETA was after me for having a rodeo at the Olympics and was very, very upset about that. PETA was after me when I went quail hunting in Georgia. And they're not happy that my dog likes fresh air."

No mea cuplas... to this day Mitt sees nothing wrong with what he did.

I predict this is the nail in the coffin for Mitt. Too bad, his slipping and flipping was entertaining while it lasted, but being an insensitive clod is too much like a repeat of what we've had for the last 6 years, and voters want someone who can think for a change.

Cya Flippy!

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Comments (11)

Lee Ward:

Watch the polls, Romney has been on a slow but steady climb up. Let's see what happens going forward.

Paul Hamilton:

If Romney loses the nomination, which I suspect he will, it will be because he's reversed almost every political position he's had since he was running for governor in Massachusetts, and because he's LDS, which is a big issue with the Pub religious base.

The dog thing shows that he's irresponsible and uncaring but that alone won't take him down.

Lee Ward:

No, I'm not worried about the dog, HughS. Are you?

Lee Ward:

"I think the dog will be ok, Lee."

No, Hugh, the dog is dead. If you were up on this story you'd know that the dog is no longer with us.

Thanks for being our contestant today, your consolation prize is that you occupied several hours of your seemingly insignificant life chasing me down over a dead dog. I suppose that beats the mindless, repetitive sexual masturbation that usually occupies the better part of your day -- and this way, at least, you won't go blind.

Your obsession with bird shit is not my concern. Wizbang Paul and I will enjoy many, many more opportunities. Like you, his seemingly meaningless life is now full of -- well, me -- but unlike you, I suspect Paul still masturbates several hours a day. Can you imagine any woman wanting to date a total, pathetic loser like that? Ugh!

Check back for 'seagulling' updates in a couple of minutes, Hugh -- just keep clicking on refresh looking for my updates on 'seagulling' and your and Paul's obsession with mental and physical masturbation, ok?

Oh, one other thing. Make sure you go through and 'archive' all of your comments because I'm tempted to pull a 'Drummond' and delete them all -- after which I will be tempted to pull a "Jay Tea' and ban you from commenting at any of the Wizbang websites.

You've got your assignments, now get to clicking...


"...after which I will be tempted to pull a "Jay Tea' and ban you from commenting at any of the Wizbang websites."

lee, easy on Jay Tea. I've been banned twice and he's Looked The Other Way as I slipped back in, so... (BTW, aR and BobJonez: try it!)

As for the dog cruelty: (providing this is puffed sufficiently by opponents or whomever) He be TOAST! LDS=BLT!

Do you realize how many religiously-voting Republican Blue-hairs there are???? All with New Children, aka Dogs? Most named "Baby"? "Pookie"? "Snuggems"?

Diarrhea Dog may have been in Baby's family tree!

Plus the "unto the least of these" maxim.

I pledge to shit-talk Romney to 20 registered voters!

Lee Ward:


Lol! Nicely done, Byran. And I'm not really planning to delete and ban poor old Hugh (not just yet anyway), I just wanted to keep him busy by giving him something to do which I knew he'd find enjoyable -- clicking on each of our posts trying to find his past comments.

Hugh: "Grumble, Farking Lee, grumble grumble - 'seagulling', grrumble grumble, grrr..." lol!

I'm with you on this -- that Mutt Mitt is toast. The constant flip-flopping costs him votes, and although I didn't think his Mormon faith would be hurt him much I totally trust Mr. Hamilton's judgement on that.

So is this, as I wrote in the post, the 'last nail in his 2008 presidential coffin'? I really do think so. Is it a campaign-killer alone? - no, but given everything else it could be 'it'.

And 'it' will easy to judge -- Romney's polling numbers have been on a slow and steady increase for the last several months, so if this turns out to an inflection point it'll be obvious. Let's keep an eye on it and I'll do a followup.

Here's the reference point - link to a snapshot of Romney's relative polling position as of June 29, 2007, and here's a live link that will be updated going forward.


I think it is barbarous of you to expect a dog to carry that much weight for you, Lee.


Ragshaft....tough guy behind your keyboard. Come down to gracie gym in tampa and we will see how tough you are. Any time, any place, bitch.

Steve Crickmore:

Only in America..It's bizarre that the health and well being of Seamus an Irish setter 24 years ago, based on the reminiscences of a 13 year old boy has become a much bigger talking point in the campign, than health care of the nation which most of the Republican candidates frankly, don't see as an issue.

Lee Ward:

Lol - Nice site, Rusty!


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