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Today's Terrorism Scare In London Is "Exhibit A" Proving The Irresponsibility Of Hate Speech Humorist, Ann Coulter


"If I'm gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot" -- Ann Coulter on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA, June 25, 2007
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Today's foiled plot in London, which could have taken many innocent lives, is a very serious reminder of the outrageous threat to innocent lives that terrorism presents.

Yet right wing author and commentator Ann Coulter continues to joke about terrorism, and even encourage new attacks on American soil against public figures such as John Edwards that she disagrees with -- with her outrageous and offensive brand of hate speech humor. If anything, the plague of terrorism, and those like Ann Coulter who seem to encourage it with their brand of hate speech humor, need to be some things that all right thinking persons should reject. There should be no place in American culture for those who promote, justify or joke about such violence to further their extremist political views.

Coulter's comic support for domestic terrorism and political assassinations, even if it's meant in humor to be funny, is a wholly unacceptable value for an American society which allows an open dialogue for any viewpoint -- as long as it is peacefully expressed. Anyone who advocates terrorism to advance their political opinions is simply not following the peaceful principles which the Founding Fathers established based on free speech and free elections. The views of both Coulter and potential terrorists are so far out of the mainstream that it is perhaps frustration that fuels their intensely angry and militant views. But that should tell these extremists just how wrong their views actually are.

The foiled London bomb plots seemed to be aimed at "soft targets", something that terrorism expert Clark Kent Ervin has predicted may become more likely in the future, as airports and government buildings and other high value potential targets of extremists become more protected and secure. When idiots like Coulter seem to endorse terrorism, even in their dark humor, it is unfortunately "soft targets" like innocent civilians that could potentially suffer the most.


"I've never seen people enjoying their husbands deaths so much", -- Ann Coulter on the wives of 9/11 victims in her book, GODLESS: THE CHURCH OF LIBERALISM
Unlike controversial social comics of the past like Lenny Bruce or Mort Saul, there is nothing clever or meaningful about Coulter's brand of low-brow hate humor. Coulter is not a brilliant satirist, but simply a hate-monger, who endangers innocent Americans with her writings and humor when she comicly advocates for violence. All right thinking persons should pressure ABC-TV and other media to not give her a platform for her dangerous brand of humor.

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Comments (16)


I think it is barbarous of you to expect a bitch to carry that much weight for you, Paul.


I gotta disagree, she is not a comic in any sense of the word. If she is a comic then she is the worst comic ever.

Kim....you are sounding like a broken record every day. No rhymes today?

Marsha H:

Big difference between comedians and Coulter: comics don't stand on stage at political conventions introducing the likes of Mitt Romney. She does and she is the face of the Republican Party.

Please complain to the FCC about her comments on Good Morning America and her comments on MSNBC. We all know what she said on GMA, but its lesser known that on Hball, she called someone "a fat Jew" and flipped off Mrs. Edwards while she was flipping her hair in responding to Mrs. Edwards. Is this not "obscene, indecent, and profane" speech on the airwarves?


General Electric Investor relations should also hear about the garbage they support with Chris Matthews and Hardball.

email to: [email protected],
attn: Dan Janki and Joanna Morris

Marsha H:

My beloved gay brother, Ben, was attacked by thugs a few years ago. They yelled "faggot" while they kicked him.

Skinheads and thugs are emboldened when Coulter and her gang use hate speech so casually. Racists used to spout the "N" word too whenever they wanted. It wasn't until decent people stood up and said no more.

Stand up to Coulter by keeping her off the air. Fox News will always show her, but GMA, NBC, come on...

Lee Ward:

Coulter lies with impunity, for example lying about what Maher said regarding Cheney, and the right wing blogosphere then picks up the lie and amplifies it, and that in turn sets a base justification for hatemongers like Coulter to extend their hate-talk tactics even further.

How does Coulter react to being outed as hateful, despicable individual?

Coulter, in her new column, had this to say about the several-minute "Hardball" call-in by Elizabeth Edwards, who's fighting breast cancer: "I think I may have tuned out at some point, so I can only speak to the first 45 minutes of Elizabeth Edwards' harangue, but it mostly consisted of utterly dishonest renditions of things."

One thing Elizabeth Edwards said to Coulter during the call-in: "I'm going to politely ask you again to stop using personal attacks as part of your dialogue." She also asked Coulter why she had lied and said her husband had a bumper sticker on his car that read, "Ask me about my dead son." Coulter replied: "That was three years ago."Edwards: "I'm the mother of the boy that died."

In the column, Coulter also criticized John Edwards for reacting to her insults again him and his wife with fund-raising efforts.

Coulter concluded: "I'm a little tired of losers trying to raise campaign cash or TV ratings off of my coattails, particularly when they use their afflictions or bereavement schedules to try to silence the opposition."

I'm not out to 'silence the opposition.' I don't want to limit Coulter's freedom of speech, not for a second. And I'm not advocating a boycott of Coulter's books and speeches. Coulter is entitled to her opinion, and Americans are entitled to read her opinions.

But, as Marsha says, we who disagree with Coulter need to exercise our own freedom of speech by advocating an economic boycott - not of Coulter herself, whose freedom of speech should not be abridged - but a boycott instead of the corporate interests in America who profit from Coulter's spew.

It should include Fox, most definitely, and ABC-Good Morning America as well. Where else is Coulter prominently featured? We need to make a list.


damn, don't any of you know the context of that quote? or don't you care? she was making reference to the fact that when a prominent pundit from the left said that there would be fewer dead in the middle east if cheney wasn't alive, he was cheered. but when coulter says things not as bad she is labled as a hate monger. she was pointing out the hyprocracy of the left.

Lee Ward:

I am completely aware of the context of Maher's comment, and the extent to which the right wing blogosphere has lied about that comment and its context, and plan to address this aspect of the right wing liars' hate-talk tactics in the next few days.


The sequence of events causing the bombings today are so clear!

1. Ann Coulter makes dumb remark 3 years ago.

2. ???

3. Terrorist attacks pop up in London and Glascow.

Oh yeah. I can see the connection. Very plain, very evident...

Um, not. Sorry. Guess I'm just an idiot, because I just don't see what goes on in 2 that would lead to 3 with 1 as the starting point.


this site should be shut down for this.

Jeff in Kabul:

Please, people. Elisabeth Edwards is just another of those folks that the left trots out to whine that we're supposed to feel so sorry for we can't respond.

Welcome to the real world.

It's not being brave when you're standing around telling people how brave you're being.

I'm certain everyone who heard Ann say Edwards had a bumper sticker "ask me about my dead son" understood what she was saying. The profanity of his using his son's death for political gain even disturbed John Kerry, a man that would do literally anything for political gain.

I guess she could just call Mr Edwards a liar and a thief and not have to worry about complaining about it. It's just not as much fun.

Ever wonder how many women lost their children during childbirth because John Edwards caused all the osteopaths to leave the state? Me too.

Jeff in Kabul:

It was Osteopaths and obstetrician's that made the Edwards fortune. They earned it, John went to court and stole it. Now he and his wife want everybody else to play nice......


"Specifically mentioning how no one in the media was outraged when Bill Maher said he wished Dick Cheney was killed by terrorists." Paul, as crazy as those he accuses


"but about the same time Bill Maher was not joking in saying he wished Dick Cheney had been killed by a terrorist attack." Mann (Adam's apple) Coulter

Paul is by far more off-based than those he accuses. And so is Mann Coulter.

Maher never did say that he WISHED that Cheney had been killed.

Paul & Coulter are the LIARS that Paul accuses in his deliberate misrepresentation of what Maher said.

In fact, what Maher said was, "But I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn't be dying needlessly tomorrow."

And again Maher said, "I'm just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That's a fact."

So Paul is the Crazy LIAR as is Mann Coulter when they say that Maher wished for the death of Cheney at terrorists' hands.

It is indeed ironic that the actual quotes can be found at, of all places, NewsMax.

What Maher said is fact: fewer people would die tomorrow if Cheney were not in office &/or died. That is a fact and it is a fact that MAHER NEVER SAID THAT HE WISHED THAT CHENEY HAD BEEN KILLED.

Paul & Mann Coulter are the DELIBERATE DISTORTERS & LIARS.

Paul, you have no credibility. If you were as much of a mann as Mann Coulter, you would apologize for your distortions. But then, unlike the masculine Mann, you are probably one of the girlie-boys.

Jeff in Kabul:

And Ann didn't call John Edwards a faggot - she simply stated that if she used the word she'd have to go to rehab. Thus she couldn't talk about John because she didn't want to go to rehab, not that he is one.
With the same "she didn't say that" reasoning she also did not wish anyone dead in any way, shape, fashion, or form. She, being an observant individual, thought she had found a socially acceptable way to disparage a person she didn't like by emulating previously acceptable acts. What she said was IF she decides to talk about John Edwards she would use the same tactic used by Bill Mahr with some degree of success.
What she failed to note is the difference of what's socially acceptable for a liberal is not necessarily so for the more conservative among us. Perhaps Ann is more liberal than she thinks, expecting "Equal Opportunity" from the rest of the media. ("Equal Opportunity" does mean you get treated like everybody else, doesn't it? I mean, it's not like special privilages or something, is it?)

Besides, "Michael"? Really? You're going to stand there questioning someone elses masculinity when you're still going by Michael? Some where during adolecence you didn't start to use Mike? Every Michael, Robert, William, and Charles (that insisted upon being called that) had issues. You got issues, Michael?

Paul, terrorism is such a serious threat to innocent human life as the extremists in Iraq, London and Glascow have proven, that anyone like Coulter has no business encouraging such violent and immoral conduct, even as some sick joke.

Jokes about any topic, no matter how bad of taste, are fine with me. But any encouragement of terrorism or violence, even meant in humor, is very dangerous and irresponsible.

When an extremist on fire attempts to get something out of a burning SUV in a desperate attempt to injure or kill innnocent persons at the Glascow airport, then it should be clear that acceptance or encouragement of such radicalism and extremism is absolutely unacceptable. Coulter is simply wrong for her promotion of violence humor against any public figures and it's time for HUMAN EVENTS, ABC and any other media outlet to pull the plug on her. She's not a serious political commentator, just a hard right political extremist without good sense.

If you think that promotion of violence humor is acceptable, Paul, then please post a feature at Wizbang and explain this position. I'd sure like to hear it. We're both named after the Apostle Paul, the most intellectual and important writer of the 12 Apostles. With that name comes a strong sense of responsibility to uphold that good name by promotion of what's good and right and prove that we are deserving of this great name. Coulter is simply to wrong to jokingly promote terrorism against John Edwards or any other public figure that she disagrees with. There's just no other way about it.

Paul, you've really got to cut back on the caffeine. I personally quit coffee and caffeine a long time ago when I became a vegan.

Lee Ward:

I suspect that Wizbang Paul the Putz isn't driven by caffeine - he's got a belly full of hate that is driving him forward. I can't remember a single post i've read of his that wasn't filled with his particular vitriolic hate; a hate that he justifies with lies such as his lies about Coulter's 'context.'

As Michael documents above Wizbang Paul the Putz is full of lies, himself, and his hate -- and as usual he conveniently ignores the truth in his comments here.

Acknowledging the truth would take away his justification for his hate-filled trolling rants of rage.... can't have that.

Don't hold your breath waiting for him to step up to your challenge. He can't compete on the intellectual field here in Wizbang Blue -- he much prefers the mud pit of the hate-mongering right, where he's safely surrounded by his troop of trolls.


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