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More Right Wing Hate Mongering

bullshit-detector2.jpgThis morning I fired up our shiny new Acme Bullshit Detector (pictured at left) and pointed it over towards the far-right fringes of the blogosphere. Early on Sunday morning is usually a pretty good time for Conservative Asshat hunting. After the average right wing blogger has spent a long Saturday night consisting of watching Fox News re-runs on their TIVO while stuffing 9 cans of beer and two jumbo bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos down their pie hole, these jackasses can usually relied upon to put together a big ol' incoherent, spittle-filled, bullshit-filled, hate-filled rant.

Within thirty seconds the bullshit detector's alarms were screaming. Jackpot time. I'd found an 'Ann Coulter-wannabe' out there begging for media attention by trying to be as outrageously despicable as Coulter.

In a blog post on the failed Immigration Reform effort this idiot first tries to blame Ted Kennedy for the failure for President Bush's Immigration Reform bill then, after a short break to throw up the remainder of last night's Bud-fest I suspect, the blogger does their level best to be at their level worst -- and as illustrated below, they even enlarge and emphasize the nasty bit of their bull -- for maximum shock value no doubt:


This idiot blooger, who shall remain nameless and linkless and left to wallow in their little hate-filled cesspool of obscurity, is no better than the copy-cat criminal who, upon seeing the publicity afforded one jackass, tries really, really hard to be just as stupid and outrageous.

How boring, how predictable, how un-American.

How... Republican.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (6)

U.P. Man:

Good way to point out hate by spewing it....

You know some unnamed liberal blogger suggested something bad happen to some unnamed conservative politician, boy is that all those liberals do is hate?

Hey, Lee. Thanks for the heads up on the new Acme B.S. Detector. I need to add that new gizmo to my electronics and cool gift website over at www.radiotvpartz.net, but I'm worried that "Wizbang Paul" may overload and break the device, so I'll warn any buyers about this potential danger.


My B.S. Detector went off since no link is provided in this post for me to check for myself.

Lee Ward:

Popsracerx - As I said in my post, asshats iike this right wing nutcake don't deserve the attention they seek, and I've left out the link because of that.

What you see above is a screenshot, and if you think I'd go to the trouble of mocking it up in order to make this point you need to buy yourself a roll of strong tin-foil and a hat mold - you may have a future in right wing blogging!

It's real, pops, I didn't make this up.


try matching subject to verb next time, you'll at least not seem illiterate.

Who's John Galt?:

This morning I fired up our shiny new Acme Bullshit Detector

Check the directions, Ace. The thing needs to be calibrated in a bullshit-free area. It'll never give an accurate indication within 100 feet of your proximity.


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