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Obama's Fund-Raising Soars While Romney Stumbles


Barack Obama hit a grand slam home run in his second quarter fundraising:

Presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama raised at least $32.5 million in the second quarter of the 2008 fundraising cycle, topping his first quarter fund-raising effort, the Illinois Democrat announced Sunday in a statement.

The amount is believed to be the highest ever raised in a quarter by a Democratic candidate, and exceeded what rival Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign predicted she would raise in the same period. The New York senator's campaign has not yet released the amount of money raised for the second quarter, which ended midnight on Saturday.

More than 154,000 donors contributed money to Obama's campaign this quarter, up from the 104,000 donors in the first quarter, Obama's campaign said.

Meanwhile, Mitt "Flipper" Romney is having so many problems raising funds he is having to write checks to his own campaign:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who led all Republicans in money raised during the first three months of the presidential race with $21 million, told top fundraisers Friday his campaign would bring in less in the second quarter and that he continues to loan money from his personal fortune to ensure more voters hear his message.

Campaign officials also said Romney -- whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions -- made another seven-figure loan to his campaign this quarter, on top of the $2.4 million he gave to jump-start his campaign at the end of last year.

Hillary and Obama are both spanking the leading Republican candidates when it comes to fund-raising. That's a good sign for the eventual outcome of the election.

If you want to jump on the Obama bandwagon before it's too late go to BarackObama.com.

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Comments (2)

Far more intersting, and I don't claim to know the answer, would be a histograph of Obama/Clinton/Gore/Romney/Guliani/Thompson.

I know data on the latter and Gore might be difficult to obtain, but I think that measure would help define the race.

Just for fun, I think it will be Clinton/Thompson.

I would predict a Clinton/Thompson race with national security being the main issue.
However, a Guliani/Clinton race is also likely.

You should report these metrics as they become available.


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