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Profile Of London And Glasgow Terrorists Raises Concerns Of A Metamorphosis In Terrorism

Update: Since this post went up, investigators in the UK are now reporting that three doctors are among the suspects in the terror plots.

The biggest story from the latest arrests in London and Glasgow is the arrest of two doctors, one from Jordan, that do not meet the old sociological profile of terrorist tendencies in alienated Mideastern youth who suffer from poverty or unemployment. If this new trend holds, and is simply not a deviant example particular to this latest case, then a tendency towards terrorist sympathies is growing among the larger Mideastern population in the UK.

Unlike the U.S., where Mideastern immigrants, students and guest workers seem better integrated into American society, the society in the UK leaves more room for a separatist and parallel culture of Muslims who can feel more alienation and less connection as a full member of society in the UK. It is certainly easy for many young Muslims to arrive in London, and instead of landing a job, fall into poverty and alienation. But for respected medical doctors such as a specialist in neurology to participate in a terrorist incident is an entirely new phenomenon.

Can such a growing sense of Muslim alienation and radicalism spread to the U.S. and spur a new generation of Al Qaeda wannabes? Maybe. Perhaps Al Qaeda as an organization does not really have the logistic ability to stage frequent attacks on American soil, and must take years to plan spectacular events, as greatly improved American security crafted under a bipartisan congress since 9/11 helped to blunt many possible planned terrorist incidents. But this leaves a vacuum where alienated Muslim extremists who feel some separation from a full integration into American society could stage more amateurish terrorist incidents such as in London and Glasgow.

Amateurish terrorists fortunately seem to lack the lethal know-how to stage large scale incidents or more build more "successful" devices such as bombs. But if more educated Muslim radicals begin to flourish who don't feel a real integration into American society and empathy for human life, then they could present a real danger by using communication with more "successful" worldwide terrorist organizations to improve their tactics.

Unfortunately those that claim that Bush Administration has been 100% percent successful in containing domestic terrorist incidents don't seem to understand that the nature of the recruiting pool for terrorism continues to flux and evolve. Just like sports, where you are only as good as your last game, a government is only as good as the last terrorist incident it could contain. The American public at all levels must remain aware, especially when a high profile event such as the Iraq War serves only to fuel anger and alienation among some Muslims and act as an open invitation for some of them to act out on their frustrations and anger at the Western World.

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Comments (9)


"Entirely new phenomenon?" Wow, where were you when the 9/11 attackers were profiled?

Fact is, it is not the poor and disenfranchised that are turning into terrorists. It is pretty much mainstream Muslims.

Paul Hamilton:

I still think those are the exceptions, Mike. It's not the wealthy people in Iraq who are blowing themselves up in the streets -- they are the ones getting out of Dodge...

Mac Lorry:

By blaming the Government for our actions, those who pushed this "Blair's bombs" line did our propaganda work for us. More important, they also helped to draw away any critical examination from the real engine of our violence: Islamic theology. -- former radical Islamist

This confirms what many commenter's on Wizbang have been saying all along.


I am going to have to disagree with you Paul. Please take a look at the socio-economic profite of the terrorist leaders, particularly al-Qaeda leaders, starting with Osama. What do we see? Mainstream, middle class to upper-middle class Muslims, usually educated.

Like a famous Senator once said, reasonable people can draw different conlusions from the same set of facts, but none of us are entitled to a separate set of facts.


Soooo, killing Islamofascist terrorists is the cause of their rage. We were not killing them during the two attacks on the twin towers!

Soooo if we don't defend ourselves and kill as many of these terrorists as possible, how do you stop them? FEED THEM CAKE, ICE CREAM AND KOOS KOOS!! You idiot!

Some of the right wing comments here reflect persons who do not read or comprehend very well at all. I simply stated that the nature of terrorism now involves those of higher education and social attainment, that should have everything to live for, are now giving over their lives to suicidal terrorist efforts, compared to the classic younger, socially alienated terrorists. This reflects a shift in the profile of terrorists. My point is terrorism has evolved, which now makes a profile far more difficult as unlikely persons are now involved. A few on the right might do well to take a grade school level reading course.

Mac Lorry:


As Jay demonstrates in his piece The not-totally-crazies next door, there has been no shift. It's always been the well-educated, middle or upper-class young men who have posed the most danger.

The piece I linked to above also shows that the motivation for terrorism comes from within Islam itself.

What's new is that many on the left are just now waking up to these realities. Good morning Paul.

It is also the higher educated terrorists who present the greatest danger as well, Mac Lorry. They could potentially build the most dangerous type of devices with the most destructive power, compared to a younger, less educated terrorists.

If anything, the fact that doctors were involved in the UK situation was probably the biggest surprise to Scotland Yard and other law enforcement in the UK who had a certain profile of a terrorist to work with.

Mac Lorry:


It's still surprising to many that medical doctors would be involved in terrorism. The western mind has a hard time understanding the duplicity of someone who studies and trains for years and swears an oath to save lives, yet hates most people and plots to kill them.

Those who have studied about Islam understand that deception of infidels is one of it's operating tenets. I don't know if you read the article I linked to in my first post on this thread, but you should.

Islam poses a danger to western democracies greater than any threat they have ever faced. It's a threat that cannot be appeased because it's motivation is from within Islam itself and it has the standing of "religion" in western societies. Yet you would see in the linked article that Islam doesn't recognize separation of church and state; to Islam they are the same thing. The attack by brilliant and highly educated young doctors powerfully demonstrates that the hate within Islam cannot be educated out of people.

How will western democracies defend themselves from Islam? Do you want to be at war with them perpetually? Are you prepared to nuke them or be nuked by them? Are you prepared to surrender to Islam and lose you freedom of religion (including atheism), watch the female population go into slavery and openly gay men executed?

Because Islam doesn't recognize a separation between church and state there's reason to declare Islam incompatible with western democracy. The height of stupidity in the 21st century is for western democracies to allow immigration from museum countries and regions. Western democracies should apply Islam's own rules regarding other religions against Islam.

I know none of those defensive measures are going to happen, at least not in time, and in the not too distant future there will be a final war that brings an end to the age of man.


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