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Hamas Delivers BBC Reporter Paul Johnston

This is great news. BBC reporter Paul Johnston has been released after 115 days of captivity in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas delivered him, while the Israeli and US-backed organized crime syndicate called "Fatah" could not. Johnston himself explains:

He said Hamas' seizure of power in Gaza and its subsequent pledge to improve security in the territory had aided his release.

"The kidnappers seemed very comfortable and very secure in their operation until... a few weeks ago, when Hamas took charge of the security operation here," he said.

As I pointed out a few weeks ago,

In Gaza, they (Hamas) will have the opportunity to clean up the streets and restore law and order now that the organized criminal gangs of Fatah have been vanquished.

It appears they're delivering. Much to the consternation of the Bush administration and embittered neocons who've done everything they could do to destroy the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people.

Egg on their faces? I think so.

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In Gaza, they (Hamas) will have the opportunity to clean up the streets and restore law and order now that the organized criminal gangs of Fatah have been vanquished.

What "organized crime syndicates" where you referring to? The ones propped up by Hamas?

Military insurrections cost money. To take over the Gaza Strip last month, Hamas had to pay salaries, procure weapons, manufacture rockets, buy help from local crime families, bribe opponents, print leaflets and banners, produce media propaganda and even order up Hamas hats and bandanas. How did Hamas fund this Gaza coup? What of the international "economic siege" that Hamas complained of against its government? Wasn't Hamas so strapped for funds that its leaders resorted to smuggling suitcases of Iranian cash into Gaza across the border with Egypt?

Part of the answer lies in -- or rather under -- the city of Rafah, on the Egyptian border. Another part of the answer is the overt funding Hamas continues to receive through its charitable and social welfare wings.

Paul Hamilton:

So they kidnapped the guy for political purposes and then turned him loose. Don't expect any applause from me -- they're still criminals.

What Willis Was Talking About:

Johnston's quote sounds strikingly similar to this one:

"I'm afraid to say this out loud, they may execute me for it, but there are a lot of people, including myself, who think it would be better if Israel came back here. Things would be much better than they are now," said Samara (alias), a graduate of the Islamic University living in the Gaza Strip.


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