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Brownback Afraid to Bring Gitmo Terrorists to Kansas


Republican Senator from Kansas and presidential candidate Sam Brownback is fearful of bringing the terrorists being held in Guantanamo to Kansas.

"Americans do not want terrorists in their backyard, and we do not need them in Kansas," said Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, a GOP presidential contender. "Local residents have expressed concern about this mission, and the Department of Defense has not fully considered the preparations necessary to transition this mission to Fort Leavenworth."

Brownback added, "Given the investment we have made in a secure facility at Guantanamo, far away from U.S. residents, the administration needs to make a much more compelling case that a detainee transfer is a justifiable use of resources, that it can be completed safely, and that it can be done without significant impact on local communities."

I live less than one mile from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California which has been rumored as a possible location for holding the Gitmo detainees. I would be more than happy to have them transferred here. I trust the Marines and have total confidence that they would be able to keep the terrorists locked up on the base. Nor do I think it likely that Al Qaeda would try to attack the base to stage a mass jail break.

In all due fairness to Brownback, Kansas Democrat Nancy Boyda has also been quivering and shaking at the idea of housing the Gitmo detainees in her backyard.

I think they are both off base. The American people aren't transfixed with fear about the Gitmo detainees. I believe the people trust the military to keep them under lock and key. The issue of transferring these detainees to facilities here in the US should not be used as an excuse to keep Guantanamo open a single day longer. We can hold these prisoners here without risking the safety and security of our people. We are America after all. We can do this.

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Comments (4)

What Willis Was Talking About:

I would be more than happy to have them transferred here.

Betcha would. It'd be a shorter commute for you to provide aid and comfort. Maybe slip a hacksaw blade into one of those Freedom Fighters (tm) birthday cakes, make sure they've got plenty of copies of the Koran to replace the ones that were flushed, etc., etc. ad infinitum.

What Willis Was Talking About:

The American people aren't transfixed with fear about the Gitmo detainees.

Personally, I wouldn't hanging out with each of them individually. Exchange a few pleasantries over a hot pork sandwich, then feed them Old Glory one stitch at a time, metaphorically speaking of course...

Conservative Friend:

If the people of Kansas are speaking out to their elected officials and their elected officials are responding to the people, that is a good thing.

Do you want politicians to ignore their constituents?

Look at the immigration debate, widely unpopular and the politicians listened. It was good that the politicians listened.

Look at the Iraq debate, widely unpopular and the politicians are not listening.

I will take politicians listening to the largely popular will of the people any day, even if I disagree with the majority.

You do not have qualms with detainees at Miramar. I can not guess if you are the majority or the minority. If the people in that district have no problem with taking them, lets send them to Miramar. If not, I hope your elected officials listen to their constituents.

In the People I trust, in politicians I do not.

Conservative Friend:

"but they should also demonstrate leadership and the ability to make tough decisions when it's for the overall good of the country."

And that my friend is exactly what President Bush thinks he is doing and that is also the rationale of 28% of America. Did you not listen/read President Bush's remarks today? In his mind, he is making "tough decisions" in Iraq for "the overall good of the country." As a result he is doing exactly what you are asking for.

I want "leadership" on the issues where the country is divided 55/45. I want respect for the People on supermajority issues, regardless of my own views because just maybe I am wrong in the minority opinion.

In response to the "American people are so soft that they are unwilling to make even a tiny sacrifice" that is pretty obvious, you simply need to look at your parent wizbang site. They all talk a good game but when it comes time to do something more difficult than buy a new yellow ribbon car magnet (Made in China) they are lacking. Do any of sites like wizbang or redstate have a link to any of the military recruiting sites in a sidebar? You would think they would do it as a public service.


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