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Tainted Chinese Drugs Kill Scores in Panama

MSNBC story:

Update: As was pointed out on Wizbang Classic, these were not actually "Chinese drugs," they were Chinese ingredients (anti-freeze passed off as glycerin) mixed into the medicines in Panama. So they were technically correct and my headline is technically wrong. However, the substance is correct -- this is another case of mislabelled Chinese goods being imported and used and people dying as a result.

A top Panamanian prosecutor said tests show at least 94 people have died from taking medicine contaminated with diethylene glycol since July 2006 and that 293 more deaths are under investigation.

Prosecutor Dimas Guevara told The Associated Press on Wednesday that people have continued to die this year even though the tainted medicine was pulled from shelves in October, with some struggling for months before dying.

Corporate greed is more likely to be our undoing rather than the acts of insane terrorists...

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Comments (3)


Curse those greedy Chinese Corporations! If only China had a more progressive, less capitalist government to rein them in!


Not to mention evil government owned companies right Paul?

A chemical commonly found in antifreeze and brake fluid, diethylene glycol was used in cough syrup, antihistamine tablets, calamine lotion and rash ointment made in a Panama government laboratory.

But you conveniently left that part out didn't you?

Oh my gawd:

>What's happening in China's factories and farms is a perfect example of how unregulated, unrestrained capitalism can work to the detriment of society.

Hey you stupid morn, China is communist. Why not blame Lutherans.


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