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Big Mr. "True" Conservative aka Fred Thompson

The LA Times is reporting that the only "true" conservative in the Republican presidential campaign once lobbied for a pro-abortion group:

Former Tennessee Sen. Fred D. Thompson, who is campaigning for president as a "pro-life" Republican, accepted a lobbying assignment from a family-planning group to persuade the first Bush White House to ease a controversial abortion restriction, according to a 1991 document and five people familiar with the matter.

A spokesman for the former senator denied that Thompson did the lobbying work. But minutes of a 1991 board meeting of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Assn. show that the group hired Thompson that year.

This just proves that Thompson has no principles or core beliefs and can be bought and paid for just like the rest of the crooks in the Republican Party. Read it and weep Wizbangers!

Hat Tip: Lee Ward

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Comments (12)


The sooner this feculent turd is tossed out, the better. He's the slave of midgets and the idol of the manboobocracy.

*I feel better now!*


Also in that article:

"At one of the meals, she recalled, Thompson re-enacted a cowboy death scene from one of his movies."

According to his imdb.com profile, he was only in one western movie. Can't confirm if he died in that movie. Sounds like this lady has an agenda.

Paul Hamilton:

The guy is an actor. If someone pays him money, he says his lines. That's great if all you're looking for is a coin-op personality, but I would hope that a president would be a person of convictions, and the more I hear about Fred, the less that seems to be the case.


It could be worse... he could have been caught riding around D.C. "zapping it and bad guys and exacting justice," in a toy Batmobile.

Steve Crickmore:

Here is the link I think you wanted Jay. For some reason, your's didn't come up..It goes without saying that abortion is probably the most emotive issue in the American political system (Roe vs Wae) and I normally avoid giving a strong opinion on it..but I think there is more common ground on this issue than I believe the two sides ( pro choice vs pro-life )acknowledge.. At the risk of simplifying an issue that does not lend itself to simplification... Everyone believes abortion is morally wrong and should be avoided to the upmost, but if abortion (with the overturning of Wade vs Roe) becomes a crime/felony can you fundamentally force a woman to give birth (ultimately in jail) if she doesn't want to carry the fetus or 'child', despite all that society can do to encourage her to have it or penalize her for not having it. I don't think so.


Steve this is not about abortion, it is about another lying candidate who flip flops on issues when it suits him politically. Simple as that. Textbook definition of a hypocrate.

Another case of "I have no recollection of that".

According to teabag the LA Times is not the work of god, but apparently captainsquarters blog is the word of god. I forget was the Thompson story in the editorial section of the times?


Yeah teabagger..... I'm sure you never jump to conclusions....except of course when a story is about a democrat(see your comments on the Edwards $400 dollar haircut....you always wait for all the facts to come out before piling on. Mr. democracy.
I'll give you the same invite that I gave to ragshaft.....bring yourself down to Gracie gym in Tampa and I will introduce myself.....what a day that would be.


Weapon...i'll pass on that....just get into the ring...I expect you'll either tap out or pass out very quickly. I would recommend the tap out...less brain cells are killed that way, but the look on your face when you woke up would be priceless.


If you will not accept my challenge of Whoopie Cushions, then I offer an alternative weapon: a banana.

(If you need a translation, jeff, then let me make it clear: you are attempting to prove your rhetorical point with physical violence. I am rejecting the idea that you can prove a goddamned thing by force against me, and am doing so by first refusing to take you and your threats at all seriously, and -- in the reference to steroids above -- calling you a small-dicked loser.

You might be able to beat me up/knock me out/pin me/whatever. Or you might not, and I might kick your ass so thoroughly I lose my shoe. Either way, it proves absolutely nothing about the argument -- which, if I recall correctly, consisted of me saying "I don't think anyone should jump to any conclusions about this Fred Thompson story, but wait a day or two to see how things shake out," and you saying... um...

I'm stuck. DID you have an actual point in there, a thought of your own, or did you just feel the need to vent some free-floating hostility? An insatiable contrary, confrontational compulsion that you could not resist and you just HAD to jump in and be a dick?

I don't mind engaging in a debate with you, but you need to hold up your end of the deal -- and that means presenting your side in a way that is clearly understandable, and it has to be more substantive than "I'll beat you up!"




I was done debating this after you said that you will wait for the other side of the story. Yep you got me...I'm trying to prove my point about Thompson by challenging you. I am sick of the tough guys behind their keyboards acting and speaking in ways that they never would in public to someones face. I doubt that you would call me "dear asshole" to my face. If you did than you have way more balls than I do. You made it personal, not me. As with pretty much every debate here, you end up insulting the person who disagrees with you or calling them names. I am sick of your personal insults. Simple as that. If you want to run your mouth then do it man to man.


"Might makes right" went out of style a long, long time ago, jeff. Really? I think dubya, cheney would disagree.

"And I still don't grasp what the hell I said that set you off." No? "Jeff, my dear asshole" and "and prefer the scenic view presented by having your head up your own ass" Got it figured out now?

So because I disagree with your opinion that the LA times is not the work of god, but a blog apparently is, that is a personal insult to you? Ok whatever. Like I said you made it personal not me. You didn't see me writing, jay is an idiot, he is an asshole he has his head up his ass, blah, blah, blah. That is what you wrote.
Attack my opinions all you want, but you like to make the attacks personal.


I'm sure the LA times just pulled the story out of thin air, made up all the quotes, the meeting minutes, made up all the interviews. I'm pretty sure that is exactly what happened. I'm sure that the lawsuits are being filed by the Thompson campaign this moment.



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