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More on the Libby Commutation Firestorm

It seems many people still have a lot to say about the Bush commutation..so I'm just going to throw out some of their comments for your purview. First from Mathew Yglesias:

Most of Libby's defenders -- George W. Bush, David Brooks, etc. -- don't seem to be denying that Libby committed a crime by lying under oath to investigators. They want us to say that, rather, he deserves to be treated very leniently because there was no big deal here. The alleged absence of an underlying crime is key to that theory. The converse theory is that there was an underlying crime and the crime can't be proven because Libby lied to investigators.

If that theory is wrong -- if there really was no crime -- then it seems we ought to get some kind of explanation from Libby as to why he lied.

Then from a statement made by Ted Wells, attorney for Mr. Libby:

"Mr. Libby and his family wish to express their gratitude for the President's decision today. We continue to believe in Mr. Libby's innocence. Scooter and his family appreciate the many Americans who have supported them over the last two years."... particularly in the form of his burgeoning trust fund, which has raised 5 million dollars for his legal fees.

But evidently wasn't used to pay the fine, which he paid post-haste this afternoon.

And lastly a hat tip to Lee Ward for offering this:

'Bush Filed a Motion Last Year ('a friend of court' brief) to Uphold the 33-Month Sentence of Victor Rita, a 24-Year Marine Corps Vet Convicted on Same Crimes as Libby' 'Last month, the Supreme Court agreed with the Bush Justice Dept, ruling against Victor Rita's appeal for a reduced sentence based on his exemplary military service.'( in nearly an identical case to Libby's)

Funny, I wonder why these two cases was treated so differently by the Bush administration and the Justice Dept.? You don't suppose that justice for Bush and his gang is prefaced more on what friends you have in high places, and whom you were doing the crime for, than on what type of crime you did?

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Comments (2)

Steve Crickmore:

OhioVoter...Good point, I thought the same thing when I first read the linked piece on the Rita case. (which would minimize, to a degree, but only to a small degree, the inconsistency of Bush). After further researching,the case, RITA v. UNITED STATES (No. 06-5754 it appears that none of the more than 20 newspaper articles and blogs make the distinction, that you are assiduosly trying to make. The closest is this one written by a Law Professor..So in this case, 'the Bush Administration' would appear to be lawyers in the Justice Department, though as we have seen with the AG scandal and the lack of fire walls between the DOJ and the Oval Office, the distinction has been blurred to the point of it being wiped off the organizational charts. The Justice lawyers authoring a helpful 'friend of the court brief' would I'm sure be a right- hand extension of the policy of the Attorney General, who as we know was Bush's personal lawyer, cipher; this would be Bush administration policy lock, stock and barrel.


The Libby commutation was obviously a ransom paid for blackmail and Bush has been demoted ever further down the food chain of political perception, from Richie Rich Moderate to Dimbulb Warlord to Policy Puppet to Prisoner with Desk. The Neoconservative cabal that he may have thought he could bend to his own purposes has turned out to be his "partner" (with none of the liabilities and all of the perks, a'la Goodfellas).

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy, and it's sweet to see the partisan "thinkers" having to wield the ClintonDidIt empty scabbard, the sword of Principle being stuck in a rock.


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