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Massive Truck Bombing Kills 105 in Iraq

Update:CNN reports that the death toll in the truck bombing has climbed to 117 with 265 injured. There are also reports that many people are still trapped in the rubble.

Yes folks, things are getting better every day in Iraq:

At least 105 people were killed Saturday when a truck bomb devastated a crowded Iraqi village market and demolished many homes, the top local security, administrative and health officials said.

The chief local civilian administrator, Hamad Rasheed, said he had seen reports that up to 125 people could be confirmed dead after rescuers finish digging through the rubble of dozens of buildings.

The blast occurred in the small town of Amirli which is south of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. The people of Amirli are predominantly Shiites of the Turkmen ethnic minority. Earlier in the day a suicide bomber struck a cafe in Diyala province killing 22 people. That cafe was usually visited by Shiite Kurds.

The attack in Diyala province comes as Operation Arrowhead Ripper continues in the area. As the NY Times reports, many insurgents have slipped our dragnet there:

Before the Baquba operation, one senior American commander estimated that as many as 500 insurgent fighters were hunkered down in the part of the city that American forces were poised to invade. After the operation, the same officer said he could account for only about 110 militants captured or killed. Senior American commanders in Baghdad also said they believed that 80 percent of the insurgents' leadership in Baquba had escaped the siege and fled the city.

Other violence in Iraq:

  • 9 US soldiers were killed and 8 wounded in a series of incidents across Iraq.
  • 5 Iraqi soldiers and a civilian were killed by a car bomb in Baghdad.
  • Two policemen were killed as Iraqi security services battled Mahdi Army militiamen in the southern Iraqi city of Samawah.

Meanwhile the Iraqi government has lost control of southern Iraq. While Parliament is paralyzed because of a boycott by the Sadrists and Sunnis, the main Sunni bloc itself appears to be fragmenting.

And to top it off, the Turkish military appears ready to conduct a major strike against Kurdish terrorists operating from Iraq.

Yep folks, nothing but good news coming out of Iraq these days.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

The situation for the US in March, appears to have gone from 'a ebbing of hope' in March 2007, which in a thorough survey.

the number of Iraqis who call it "acceptable" to attack U.S. and coalition forces, 17 percent in early 2004, has tripled to 51 percent now, led by near unanimity among Sunni Arabs. And 78 percent of Iraqis now oppose the presence of U.S. forces on their soil.
to the a feeling of utter hopelessness. I say this for American observers, because unfortunately, if half the Iraqis approve of these attacks on Americans, (and probably a higher percentage, as well on their religious rivals) well you fill in their reaction.


"Yep folks, nothing but good news coming out of Iraq these days."

Larkin, how many times have you been asked to propose a strategy that supports your view?

So, I'll ask again: Instead of shoulda, coulda, woulda...tell me what you would do if you were to make the decision today? What would you do? Any answer that remotely resembles a qualified response, a modified limited hang out or anything of the sort is a cop out.

So, make a decision. What should the US do right now specifically?

Steve Crickmore:

Well said, Larkin...I don't believe al Queda will last in Iraq long once we leave. If they tried they would certinly have the hands full with the Shiites..Iraq is not like Afghanistan ..At the same time our troops and 'infidel' leadership don't have the wisdom of Solomon or expertise to fight a guerilla war in Muslim country, that Churchill (called the "ungrateful volcano"). The US undoutedly will continue to make blunders which will be exploited by the enemy. Permanent bases aren't going to make it, either. Perhaps our best bargaining chip is the uncertainty of our leaving, so perhaps Bush can use this for some leverage, but the end game is that we shouldn't be trying to police Iraq under any circumstances. The US troops being stationed in Chechnya to fight al Queda would make about as much sense or be as viable.


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