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Americans React to GOP Calls for Withdrawal

The Cincinnati Enquirer asked for readers' reaction to the recent call by Republican Senators Lugar, Domenici, and several others for a withdrawal and/or reassessment of the current plan in Iraq.

"This week we asked Enquirer readers for their thoughts on recent statements by Republican senators calling for U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq, and whether their own opinions had changed recently as well. Here are excerpts from some of the replies we received."

Samples below; more here:

President Eisenhower, who knew something about war, warned against the military-industrial complex, and his words are especially relevant today. Here's hoping that more Republicans find the courage to join the effort to end this disaster.
  - Cindy Wainscott, Florence
Do what Lugar and Voinovich suggest and in a decade we will have to go back in to Iraq. To leave now is short-sighted and stupid. We do this right today or our children and grandchildren will pay the penalty for our ineptitude.
  - Timothy Inwood, Wilmington
Old men who had never been to war sent young men and women to an immoral, unnecessary, unprovoked war in Iraq over four years ago. Those of us who were aware of the mendacity that took us to war are wondering why it took the respected, intelligent, decent Sen. Richard Lugar so long to declare the Bush policy ineffectual and destructive, followed closely by an agreeing Sen. George Voinovich. Imagine if the United States had left on the "Mission Accomplished" high note and allowed the Iraqis to sort out their own affairs and create a country to their own liking. That is essentially what they must do, only now their people and country are fractured to near a breaking point.

Enough already, Mr. Bush!
  - Nancy D. Rowles, Covington

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

I suspect the tipping point has been reached this weekend...It's practically now only Bush and Barney and some intransigent neo-con supporters who really believe in the mission now..

Lee Ward:

Agreed, and when the right wing political activist hacks -- the same ones whose only concern over the Immigration issue was the extent to which Democrats would gain voters, and were in fact not concerned about border security or immigration -- when those activists finally capitulate and start talking about viable exit strategies (instead of 'media bias' in reporting on the surge, and picking apart opinion polls to parse another percentage point or two for their failures) then it will be time for the Devil to break out the ice skates.

Right wing traitors, who have sold off our country's principles, ripped apart our constitution, and spewed their biased, bigoted hatred hither and yon across this great nation, are only concerned with the political fallout that comes from recognizing and admitting that their political party has failed in its mission, not with securing peace in the Middle East -- or anywhere else for that matter.

Their political lords profit from foreign wars, and give them pious domestic vindication in return. These two entities feed off of each other like symbiotic leeches and together they are draining this country of its democratic lifeblood. Turning up the heat on our melting-pot cauldron, in order to render out the Hispanics, only the most recent example.

They could care less about our country, democracy, the constitution and the people of Iraq. They are perfectly content to continue to lie their way down the road towards the 2008 Presidential elections instead.

They are the first enemy we face on the front lines fighting the global war on terror, and the swing of public opinion against them shows we are winning this battle.

Now the question is... will the pseudo-pundit hacks ever be honest enough to admit their defeat, and join with their fellow Americans in setting this country on a right and just course again? I doubt it, I seriously doubt it.

/end rant


lee, you need to take some tranqs before you have a heart attack.

oh...and if you actually read dispatches by people like michael yon who actual leave the green zone you'd know that we are not losing. and in fact are winning some days..

also, i love your hyprocracy in calling conservatives right wing haters in such a hate filled post. nice.


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