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Libby Commutation. "Bush Had no choice": Bush Top Advisor

The Libby commutation continues to reverberate. From a 'Newsweek' article scheduled for release Monday, 'Friends in High Places', confirms many of the opinions we have voiced on Wizbangblue already, but sometimes it is good to be reminded, as well as informed; for example, when queried by Bush,

Fielding, the White House counsel reluctantly concluded that the jury had reached a reasonable verdict: the evidence was strong that Libby testified falsely about his role in the leak.(no kidding).....

The Democrats' outrage lost steam when Hillary Clinton came forward to scold Bush for not respecting "the rule of law." (What are we going to do about Hillary? and the fact she seems so incapable of separting herself from all the questionable decisions Clinton took, except for Monica).

(the article continues).... Bush may have stopped short of a full pardon precisely to keep Libby and other White House aides away from Democrats on Capitol Hill. Investigators in Congress are eager to call Libby to testify about the Plame case and prewar Iraq intel--an invitation Libby can continue to resist by claiming he can't talk as long as his appeal remains alive in the courts......

(And when a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Tony Snow) Why Bush hadn't dismissed Karl Rove--who was found to be one of the White House leakers? (the predictable answer) "We are not going to make comments in detail until the legal process is over," Snow responded. "And it is not--there is still an appeal." Nobody at the White House would be disappointed if that appeal just happened to drag on until Jan. 20, 2009.

But the really surprising confirmation of 'the Newsweek' behind the curtain story, is that one of Bush's advisors (could it be Fielding?) "I'm not sure Bush had a choice," says one of the advisers. "If he didn't act, it would have caused a fracture with the vice president". And we couldn't have that?...The question remains; who is the real decider in the Oval Offfce, Bush or Cheney?

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i think he did have a choice- he's the president! think about it!


i mean, he did have a choice to make gas prices high, am i wrong? the answer is NO.




Speaking of the Libby imbroglio, read David Corn's red-pencilling of David Brook's NYT column in defense of the Libby commutation.

Even without Corn's helpful corrections, this is an entertaining read because the normally *calm & reasonable * (& famously boring) Brooks is in full tilt Mad Hatter mode.

It's the damndest thing. Neocon immolation of fact and logic. Bump-py ride!


Paul Hamilton:

Thanks for the heads-up, Jay.

Steve Crickmore:

Yes bryanD, David Corn writes like a angel.. I still can't understand why Joe Wilson is considered a traitor for his op-ed piece for concluding "it was highly doubtful that any such transaction had ever taken place." that put Cheney into such a lather. If Wilson had lied on the fact-finding mission that it is probable that such a 'dubious transaction took place would he have been considered 'a patriot'. He was merely pointing out the obvious that the information was dubious from an even more dubious Italian memo, poorly written with the wrong era of ministers'. (Any 'googling of Niger' could have discerned this.) And for drawing attention to such a unsubstantiated claim, he is called a traitor by the neo-cons. It's as if the crowd in the old Hans Christian Anderson fable 'The emperor has no clothes' shouted down the little boy (Wilson) with cries of.."traitor, liar, traitor"...


NO crime. Karl Rove, and anybody else who shouted from the roof of the White House that Valerie Plame was CIA, committed no crime, as was found by the Dem's witch-hunting special prosecutor, Fitzgerald. NO CRIME.

As for perjurers, Bill Clinton confessed, Libby didn't and is still appealing, so Libby may still be found not guilty on appeal. Bill Clinton can never, ever say he didn't lie under oath; he's guilty forever, by his own admission. There's a big difference, too, between being the scapegoat of a witch-hunt, and an obfuscating pathological liar (what the meaning of IS is?).

As for Wilson, many keep repeating the "Wilson, I want to be a rich, relevant celebrity" statement on Niger he made to the media, AFTER he had made a contradictory SWORN statement to the U.S. Government. Wilson took an oath of office; he betrayed his oath. Plame took an oath of office; she betrayed her oath. Wilson/Plame, whether willing tools of BDS infectees or just celebrity seekers, have become political operatives, ignoring what they swore to do when they accepted the responsiblility of their positions. I took the same oath when working for an NSA branch. Get your facts straight. Ignorance of events, hatred of The President, and the BPD symptom of making all events support a delusion about an obsession, are evident here. Wilson/Plame are sleazy people.


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