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Brownback Calls for a Miracle

from TPM Cafe, which doesn't do permalinks:

Brownback Joins "TheCall" For A Purer America Sam Brownback took part in a national evangelical event dubbed "TheCall," in which participants asked God to perform a miracle and change the United States' morally corrupt ways. Interestingly, in addition to his condemnation of abortion, Brownback asked Hispanics for forgiveness over the Senate's defeat of the immigration bill, and what he considered some of the hateful rhetoric surrounding the debate. "I want to say to my Latino brothers, forgive us for that," he said. "We want you in America. We love you and ask you to forgive us for these negative comments."

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, and religion is the last refuge of a politician. If you have no ideas for how to fix the political mess the nation is in, you can always ask for a pillar of fire or something.

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Brownback's a little squinty-eyed ecumenical rat. And such displays of showy Phariseism and public "holiness" as "Promise Keepers"- I mean, "The Call", are the perfect playground for Brownback to tie in the Pope's Fill the Pews with Mexico project.
And of course, the "charismatics" didn't notice, because public blubbering is Job 1 and so cathartic.

Paul Hamilton:

Nice note, bryan. It is, indeed, a shame that sound doctrine has been replaced with yelling and jumping up and down.

"because public blubbering is Job 1 "

I've looked in the first book of Job and I did see some public blubbering. You DO know your Bible.


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