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Is Fred's "Trophy Wife" an Issue?

NY TImes story:

AS the election of 2008 approaches with its cast of contenders who bring unprecedented diversity to the quest for the White House, the voting public has been called on to ponder several questions: Is America ready for a woman to be president? What about a black man? A Mormon?

Now, with the possible candidacy of Fred D. Thompson, the grandfatherly actor and former Republican senator from Tennessee, whose second wife is almost a quarter-century his junior, comes a less palatable inquiry that is spurring debate in Internet chat rooms, on cable television and on talk radio: Is America ready for a president with a trophy wife?

The question may seem sexist, even crass, but serious people -- as well as Mr. Thompson's supporters -- have been wrestling with the public reaction to Jeri Kehn Thompson, whose youthfulness, permanent tan and bleached blond hair present a contrast to the 64-year-old man who hopes to win the hearts of the conservative core of the Republican party. Will the so-called values voters accept this union?

Way back in the fifties, there was what was called the "good, Republican cloth coat." Back then, the candidates' wives were supposed to reflect middle-American values and not be ostentatious or try too hard to draw attention to themselves. Jeri flies in the face of all this and, if Thompson ever decides to become a candidate instead of playing hide-and-seek, we'll see how this plays out.

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Comments (5)

I don't think it will matter in the primaries. The Wingers are jonesing for a Reagan wannabe and Fred seems to fit the suit.


Who wouldn't want a wife 25 years your junior? I haven't been reading you much so I don't know - but you're not gay are you? And even if you are - wouldn't you want some young strapping stud?

Paul Hamilton:

Blue, Fred doesn't fit the suit at all, they're just deluding themselves to think that he does. I can remember the effect Reagan had on EVERYBODY who heard him speak. The secret of his success was his broad appeal -- when have you heard anybody other than someone was was a right winger to begin with say how impressed they are with Thompson.

Clancy, I'm happy with the wife I have, who is four years younger than me. And I look a little deeper than the skin in what I want in a life partner.


Jeri is no trophy wife except in central Africa and the Caribbean Basin. Or in snow or desert climes.

I'd give her a Courtesy "5" for flabby arms.

Fred's chubby-chasing is his best trait and possibly deserving of a medal for cast iron libido. Better man than moi.

Salud, Fredo!

PS: How about equal time for real babes? The new Emma Watson- I mean, Harry Potter movie is coming out soon! Nerd and semi(!)perv magnet on a single thread. Consider it a max count survey. Beer touting would work, too.

"Who wouldn't want a wife 25 years your junior?"

A 26 year old man.


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