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Massive Increase in Number of Iraqi Refugees Taken in by US

As Iraq Slogger reports the generosity of the Bush administration when it comes to refugees from war-torn Iraq simply knows no bounds. The month of June saw an almost unbelievable 6300% increase in the number of Iraqi refugees admitted into the US. The totals for this year are shown below:


Still, as Iraq Slogger reports in another story, the US has failed to deliver any meaningful assistance whatsoever to the countries that have absorbed millions of Iraqis who have fled the chaos and mayhem of the Iraq War:

Despite financial pledges for UN programs and strongly-worded rhetoric expressing deep concern for displaced Iraqis at the April conference in Geneva, "the two countries caring for the biggest proportion of Iraqi refugees - Syria and Jordan - have still received next to nothing in bilateral help from the world community."

What happened to the conservative virtue of "taking responsibility for your actions"? Where are the pious morally pure and righteous neoconservatives who unleashed the disaster taking place in Iraq today? How is it that the people who were so concerned about the 5,000 Iraqis who were killed in the Halabja poison gas attacks can be so indifferent to the fate of millions of Iraqis who fine themselves penniless and destitute after being forced to flee for their lives? Where are you Bill Kristol? The Iraqi refugees need your help!

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Steve Crickmore:

The short answer we weren't concerned about Halabaja victims then, or the huge stream of Kurdish regueees in the mountains, fleeing Saddam in the spring of 1991, in the wake of the Gulf War, and George H.W. Bush decision to back off Saddam's pursuit of them, until CNN started filming the desperate Kurds dying of starvation and cold..Policy makers, can aways feel they made the 'right decision' if the public aren't able to see the consequences of their action or inaction...In this case of the present senario of the refugee flight, until their is real misery on the tv screens, Bush 43 will feel he can safely ignore the issue.


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