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The Growing Drumbeat for Impeachment

bush_cheney_0628-thumb.jpgThe calls for the impeachment of Bush and/or Cheney are getting louder.

The latest poll by American Research Group, showing that 54 percent of Americans favor impeaching Vice President Dick Cheney, and that 46 percent favor impeaching President Bush, is encouraging news for impeachment advocates.

Another admittedly simple and non-scientific -- but nonetheless interesting -- measure of this impeachment movement is the amazing number of YouTube videos you find when you search the YouTube libraries with the keyword "Impeach."

The count as of this writing? 9,060. Most of those call for the impeachment of the president and/or vice-president.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced House resolution 333 back on April 24th. It calls for the impeachment of Dick Cheney. In the CNN interview embedded below Kucinich explains the articles of impeachment contained in HR 333, and further explains his decision as to why he's calling now for Vice-President Cheney to be impeached.

What seemed far-fetched several months ago at the time Kucinich first made this call is looking a little more plausible as time moves forward, and as more and more has been revealed regarding Cheney's arrogant attitude towards the Constitution and the American people.

Click on the 'play' button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

The subject of Kucinich's resolution came up in the MSNBC Democratic debate, and none of the other candidates supported the resolution at that time. In response, Kucinich was given a minute to explain his position.

Click on the 'play' button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

With the seriousness of the growing resentment towards the GOP in general manifesting itself in the form of Republican Senators attempting to distance themselves from the administration, it might be politically wise for the Grand Old Party to offer up a red-aisle sacrifice to the masses who seem to want some form of payback for being lied to and misled by the Republicans for the last six years.

As a result, a serious push towards impeachment just might yield a resignation from Cheney, with Bush then free to anoint the forehead of the GOP presidential candidate deemed most likely to succeed in the 2008 election as interim VP.

The fly in that anointment (sorry) is the fact that not a single one of the Republican candidates has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the 2008 election.

I could say more, but I can't stop laughing....

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Comments (11)

Lee Ward:

Obviously another blind denier from the right. While you're laughing it would be a darn shame if you choked on the facts, yo...

The latest poll by American Research Group, showing that 54 percent of Americans favor impeaching Vice President Dick Cheney, and that 46 percent favor impeaching President Bush, is encouraging news for impeachment advocates.

If 54 percent isn't serious enough for you then wait a couple weeks and it should be over 60 percent.

Lee Ward:

I see that putting your faith in the American people is still a lost art for the right, who choose instead to elect men through whom God speaks and acts.

Bleh is more like it.

There's still 16 months to go before election day -- watching VP Cheney go through impeachment proceedings oh... beginning somewhere around January '08, should provide hours of entertainment for the entire family, and just in time for the start of the primary season! Woo Yah!

Lee Ward:

The people who voted for Bush have been proven wrong. Bad choice, but it took six years for the majority to realize it.

Pushing forward on impeachment proceedings will not result in the same buyer's remorse. Who in their right minds (which leaves out most of the right these days since their ranks have been reduced to the hard-core deranged who still believe in Bush's ability to dig us out of Iraq) is going to 'regret' the departure of VP Cheney? I suspect GWB43 would be the first to applaud the news.

I suspect that even his daughter would be glad to see the bastard impeached.

Does Cheney have a dog? One that he hasn't shot hunting? Maybe there is a life form that might feel some affinity for the fathead, but only because he's a sloppy eater.

Lee Ward:

"And you can see clearly into the future, huh?"

No, I can see clearly into the recent past, back when the majority of Americans supported Bush and the war, and I saw the tide of public opinion ebbing towards the left back then.

I'm seeing the same groundswell building on impeachment. I expect it to take at least six months to fully bloom, so sit down and don't get dizzy, yo, there's lot of time.



Will Cheney or Bush be impeached? N'ah.

But is it on the Topic Roster at Fox Radio (Gibson, specifically, today)? Yes.

So: Left, Right, IT IS part of the National Conversation (such as it is). Which IS news.

After all, if it weren't, this Impeachment Talk (from FOX POV), would be loaded up in John Gibson's pickup, backed up to the Black Lagoon, pushed out the back (with gusto!), covered over with pilings, filled with concrete, paved over, and made the new home of some revenue-generating sport stadium for Mayor George Walker Wirt Prescott Bush V.

But it is, so it's not. It's just THERE: Bush the cyclopedean dumbass led by a growling pussy, using the US military for Chinese fire drill practice.

Since Kucinich has the hot wife, and cannot be proven to have mis-used the military in such a way as Fric and Frac, Kucinich wins. Don't blame K. Dick and Balls did it!


Willing to make a series of predictions;

There will be no impeachment hearings, because while talking about it makes the money come rolling in from the NetRoots crowd, for about a handful of reps, they aren't voting in any numbers for one of them.

The pardon hearings are also never going to see the light of day for many reasons. Not the least of which is the scrutiny that such a hearing would have to place on the Clinton pardons just before Hillary(!) ramps up her political machine. Nothing good can come from that confluence.

But I have to snort at "serious" and "Kucinich" being in the same sentence.

Bruce[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Cheney was the mastermind of 9/11. He is hiding key elements to that awfully convenient day that no fighter could get to the alleged hijacked airliners.

Cheney should be the target of impeachment. And furthermore he should be held for HIGH TREASON, which is punishable by DEATH.

Paul Hamilton:

Yo, I agree that barring any new damaging revelations there won't be any impeachments. And that's not a bad thing necessarily. Impeachment divides the nation and the political uproar is so great that congress cannot do anything else. Right now there are very important issues out there which need to be addressed immediately -- restoration of Habeas Corpus, a rollback of the PATRIOT Act, figuring out an orderly withdrawal from Iraq, restoration of vital social programs, equitable taxation policies which will lead to a balanced budget, and on and on and on.

We simply cannot afford an impeachment right now and so the best we can do is work AROUND Bush until he leaves office.

Lee Ward:

I'm reporting on the growing groundswell of support in a favor of impeachment. That's all.

Movements like this always start on the fringe and move towards the center. Skeptics become doubters, doubters become neutral, moderates become believers.

The fact that it (the impeachment movement) is spreading and moving towards the political mainstream center is noteworthy. I've got more posts planned which document this trend.

It'll take six months to play out imho, but I'm more convinced now that an actual impeachment can be achieved than I was 2 months ago, and a lot can happen in the next six months. If we're lucky, we'll get to the bottom of the Plame issue, and the deletion of millions of emails in the White House, for example - and that could push a lot more people in favor of impeachment.

Remember, the bright line standard for a Presidential impeachment is an Oval Office blowjob.

And the growing sentiment in favor of impeachment portends other political ramifications - whether they're impeached or not. The anti-war movement has had a similar precipitating effect. We're not going to achieve the unilateral cessation of military activity in Iraq and a total instantaneous overnight withdrawal of our troops from Iraq - as the far left has been demanding, but we will achieve an exist from Iraq soon, imho, and that will have been helped along by the extreme left's radical position against the war.

The impeachment movement has the same potential for precipitating more moderate, but nonetheless significant, changes also - or so I believe anyway.

Lee Ward:

Well, what I like about sticking my neck out on predictions like this is that...

(1) the only thing I risk is embarrassment and credibility -- and (a) I don't give a sweet patootie what others think of me, so "embarrassment" is not a deterrent, and (b) you can't earn credibility without risk anyway..

and (2) my words are filed away in a website database that has the potential of outliving me, and time will prove me right or wrong anyway...

so what is there to worry about?

"They are more loud than powerful. Whereas the squeaky wheel gets the grease, sometimes it's best to get a new wheel."

Both sides of the aisle are stuck with our respective nutbunnies. We on the left are stuck with netroots, and you on the right are stuck with the Wizbang! bloggers. It all balances out.




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