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Why Doesn't Fred Declare?

Here's one more good reason...

from TPM Cafe (no permalink):

For Now, Fred Thompson's Committee Doesn't Have To Report Donors
While the other candidates are reporting their donations and facing the good or bad news, Fred Thompson has found a temporary loophole. ABC News notes that Fred Thompson's "testing the waters" committee does not have to report its donors until such time as he officially becomes a candidate. As such, he is able to raise donations up to the $2,300 limit for the primaries, but does not have to report his totals, as he has not said outright that he is a candidate. If and when he does finally call himself a candidate, all the donations will be made public, including those raised in the "testing the waters" phase.

The way things are going, he may NEVER declare. This way, he isn't under the law regarding campaign finances, doesn't have to answer any uncomfortable questions and his own Pub opponents can't even take a swipe at him.

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Each week that passes makes it less and less likely Fred will run, I think. He has the Republican credentials of a mediocre party man instead of a conservative voice, which is a net loss in these times. Plus there is already a much more authentic version of Fred: it's called Mike Huckabee, the plain-talking, formerly-fat, ex-Gov and Baptist preacher AND southerner who threatened to throw Gov Jim Guy Tucker in jail if he didn't clear his desk and get out; who doesn't need a script, and unlike Thompson, can tell a joke. (Thompson's homily's are straight out animatronic workshops: Robot Mark Twain sans Wit. At least Hee Haw was dumb-funny!)

Plus questions of Fred's snitch-and-hired-mouthpiece history (met with "cute" non-answers to queries), the FRIENDLY Cuban cigar stash story in The Weekly Standard, the Big C gorilla, and Nixon calling him an idiot and waste of space, and now the Libby Divide: he's approaching Hillary-levels of likely negatives.

I think Camp Fred is a write-off where for now he can bank interest on donations. And were Fred can be a Ham.

Lee Ward:

Thompson could also be waiting to see if Gore joins the race -- that way Fred can bill himself as the anti-Gore. It's clear that at this point none of the other Republican candidates can beat Clinton, and its also clear from New Hampshire that Gore could eclipse Clinton, so Gore and Thompson each may want the other to go first. I think there's an advantage for whichever of those two is the last to declare their candidacy.


"...so Gore and Thompson each may want the other to go first. I think there's an advantage for whichever of those two is the last to declare their candidacy.
Posted by Lee Ward"

But Gore could literally wait months and be viable (due to his popular vote cred in '00 and ex-VP status), whereas Fred would just look like a well-connected poseur from TV Land and more than a little "chicken".

If Fred doesn't enter very soon, it will be obvious that his role will be as spoiler for the establishment in case a non-neocon-approved Republican garners too much conservative support.

Of course, only the 20% Townhall-reading dead-enders "believe" in the magic of Fred, so it won't work, but not being the sharpest pencils in the pencil box, they don't know that. It's the thought.


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