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Still More Republicans Calling For Iraq Withdrawal

Snowe4.jpgThis is progress. AP|Guardian (uk) reporting:

Sen. Olympia Snowe on Wednesday became the second Republican to embrace a bill ordering troops out of Iraq as President Bush's national security adviser tried to stop defections from the White House war policy.

Snowe, R-Maine, joined Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., in co-sponsoring a bill that would require troops to start leaving in 120 days. The bill also would end combat by April 30, 2008.

Snowe's endorsement is a shift for the senator, who in recent months opposed a similar measure. Snowe had said earlier that she'd been considering signing on to the measure because the situation in Iraq was growing worse.

"Frankly, given the fact that the Iraqi government isn't prepared to change its own political direction, we should be prepared to change course with respect to our strategy,'' Snowe told reporters Tuesday.

While other Republicans were expected to oppose the firm timetable on troop withdrawals, more and more GOP members are calling for the U.S. to end combat next year.

At least 10 Republicans in recent weeks have said the U.S. should start reducing the military's role in Iraq, with the latest challenge to the president's Iraq strategy coming Tuesday from Sen. Elizabeth Dole.

"Simply put, our troops have been doing a great job, but the Iraqi government has not,'' Dole, R-N.C., said. "Our commitment in Iraq is not indefinite, nor should the Iraqi government perceive it to be. It is my firm hope and belief that we can start bringing our troops home in 2008.''

Senator Snowe is not up for re-election in 2008. Senators Dole and Smith are up for re-election.

"Snowe had said earlier that she'd been considering signing on to the measure because the situation in Iraq was growing worse." That should make the nutbunnies on the far right hate her - they can't stand the truth when it comes from Democrats - when a Republican finally admits that the surge is failing they'll ostracize her in a second.

Will they claim she's a terrorist supporter? Will they claim she's a traitor? Or is time for them to cut and run from the Iraq debate and pretend to ignore the shifting sands beneath their feet?

We're moving forward towards an end to the travesty in Iraq, and the momentum is building.

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Lee Ward:

Lorie Byrd over at We'reWrongAgainBlog has stopped short of labeling these reality-embracing Republicans as 'surrender monkeys', and she knows better than to claim they are defecting because of concerns for their own re-election -- I'd nail her on it in a second (but Priestap will claim that shortly, I'm sure).

I've been careful to check on each of these 'defectors' re-election status, and will probably put up a chart at some point, but my informal tally has it as an approximate 50-50 split. Clearly, there are a large number of Republicans who have no reason to be bothered about polls and public opinion (in so far as their own election is concerned) who are now calling for major changes in the Bush Iraq strategy.

Byrd is characterizing these Republicans are just 'wobbly' and overly concerned about polls. riiiiiight. If they aren't up for re-election, why are they suddenly now 'overly concerned'?


Did you get a load of the Republican horde smelling Joe Wilson's blood, today? What price 'lied into war' now?


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