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The Impeachment Drumbeat - Early July Polls

A few days ago I commented on the recent poll from ARG, conducted July 5, 2007 and released a day later, which shows an almost even split in America for impeaching the President. In favor of impeachment of Bush 45% -- opposed 46%. Vice-President Cheney fared even poorer, with 54% in favor of impeachment and only 40% opposed.

The results of two more polls on the question of Bush's impeachment have been released in the last few days. The USA Today|Gallup poll was conducted July 6-8, and their results show 36% in favor and 62% against initiating impeachment proceedings against the President. The Rasmussen Poll results, released July 7, 2007, has the split at 39% in favor of impeaching the President, and 49% opposed.

I'm seeing other signs that the impeachment movement is continuing to grow, and I'll have more in future posts.

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Comments (9)




ADS.org is a push-polling outfit.

Funded by whom?

Lee Ward:

"1) Would that be the same ARG poll that sampled 38% Democrats and Independents, and 28% Republicans?

Yep - you're not one of those idiots who think it should have been 50% each, now are you?

"B) Would that impeachment be handled by the same Congress whose poll numbers are considerably WORSE than Bush's?"

No it's Carter's fault, remember, then Bill, then uhmm, who ranks third these days in the list of right wing attempts at "we're no worse than (blank)" responsibility dodges... uh, is it John Edwards? or Al Gore?

"III) I've often been tempted to forgo arguing my points, and just shopping around for a poll or a survey that agrees with me. Is it as easy as it appears?"

It's a hell of a lot easier to read than trying to make sense of your attempts at being 'cutting-edge kool' like this bit of drivel.

"d) Have you been practicing saying "President Cheney" without frothing?"

Cheney goes first.

Lee Ward:

Funded by whom?"

Funded by Rasmussen and USA Today and Gallup?

Oh, wait a minute, that's silly of course, those are the other two polls you're pretending don't exist and don't confirm the ARG results -- all of which proves that it doesn't matter who ARG is funded by - since the two other polls confirm the trend.

You and "Pity the fool who disses my Bush" Mr. Tea should take this act on the road, kimmers -- it's a riot.


Hey just think, maybe by 2010 there will be enough support to lobby congress to actually impeach him!

Lee Ward:

"it seems to me that the political breakdown ought to be closer to the actual numbers."

What are the actual numbers, Jay? If you know these are wrong, you DO know what the right numbers are instead, yes? How far off are these numbers - you know -- the ones that you know are wrong?

"Last I heard, registered Democrats and Republicans were roughly equal, with Independents third and closing. To sample 3 Democrats and 3 Independents for every 2 Republicans is virtually guaranteed to skew the results."

Is that part of the Monty Python bit? Last you heard? Lol -- when was that, Jay?

Seriously, you are joking, right? Are you really that uninformed that you believe the number of registered Republicans and Democrats are equal? Wow, you've been hanging out in the bullshit pen a bit too long. We've got to get you into the game, son.

"As far as Cheney goes... you were talking about impeaching Bush, not Cheney. Guess you were just LYING!!!!! about impeaching Bush now, when your real plan is to impeach Cheney first."

No, I take that back, You're not ready for the big game. If you read the post on the first link "commented" you see the discussion about impeaching Cheney first, and if you read the poll results you'd see that the ARG poll asked the impeachment question for both Bush and Cheney, but the other two polls just asked about Bush.

But you're just a first-class loud mouth moron boor, who is too damned stupid to know the current Republican/Democrat voter split, too damned uniformed to know that HR 333 is an impeachment of Cheney not Bush, too damned lazy to click on the links and read the information before firing off one of your boorish loud-mouth rants, and too damned into yourself to realize what a total jackass you just made of you and your blog mates.


No, Lee, I'm curious who funds AfterDowningStreet.org


"B) Would that impeachment be handled by the same Congress* whose poll numbers are considerably WORSE than Bush's?-jt"

The generic, corporate, "Congress" poll numbers, versus Bush:

Worst. Red Herring. Ever.

*reading Frazier's "Cromwell"; beware insulationism at court, just in case; Charles I and GW are remarkably alike*

Lee Ward:

"Back to the main page... where the arguments tend to involve more substance and far less spittle."

Oh, I recognize this Monty Python bit... "Run Away, Jay -- Run Away!!!

Come back when you do your homework and are prepared.


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