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Hundreds Feared Killed in Mosque Seige..Another Waco?

Today, from 'The Times' of London:

Shaukat Aziz, the Prime Minister, said that no bodies of women or children had been found and that it was unlikely that any would be discovered during the clean-up operation...

It is unclear what happened to the hundreds of other men and women who are believed to have been inside. Many observers are also sceptical of Mr Aziz's claim that no bodies of women and children were found.

Reports quoting a relief organisation said that the Government had asked it to prepare 400 coffins.

The possibility that large numbers of women and children may have been killed is extremely damaging to President Musharraf and could turn public opinion further against a military ruler who already faces a backlash over his bungled attempts to dismiss the country's chief justice before elections this year. The issue has helped Islamic extremists to mobilise against the President.

We must wait for the smoke to clear, but if it appears the authorities, in this case, the Pakistani army and their commandos may have bungled 'the rescue operation', similarly to the fiasco that occurred in Waco, Texas and those by the Russians at the theater in Moscow or at the school in Beslan ..If this sadly took place, the position of Musharraf who took a hard-line against the mosque militants will be even shakier than it was before.

As expected, our President has gone out on a limb for Musharraf with his usual fatuous comments. (On Tuesday he said) "I like him and I appreciate him."...Is there anyone that Bush fails to appreciate or doesn't like? Bush went further."I am, of course, constantly working with him to make sure that democracy continues to advance in Pakistan," Bush said this about Pervez Musharraf who is also chief of the Army Staff. General Pervez took power in a military coup in October 1999, and democracy for George Bush has been advancing every since.

Pervez seems to share Bush's penchant for misplaced humor. Last September on a book promotion tour, when asked by Jon Stewart:"Where's Osama bin Laden?"

Musharraf replied,"I don't know," as the audience roared with laughter. "You know where he is? You lead on, we'll follow you."

Are these the appropriate thoughts of a leader, (Musharraf) of whom we have placed so much of our hope and political capital in that region. 'Reading between the lines', Musharraf seems to have the same ambivalence about Bush

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