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McCain Campaign is Unraveling

John McCain's campaign suffered two further blows today. First McCain, who probably feels more comfortable in a flak jacket, went on a 'knit- picking' tirade against his handlers and advisors for insisting that he don what McCain disparagingly referred to as 'gay sweaters' to make him look younger.

McCain was probably wondering where there they find such handlers and advisors? Well, if you were thinking about the co-Chairman of his Florida campaign, you wouldn't be mistaken if you said the men's restroom of the Veteran's Memorial Park in Titusville, Florida. Read the rawstory and scroll down to 'McCain chair arrested for solicitation'

Robert Allen, co-Chairman 48, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at that park on East Broad St. in Titusville. The park was under surveillance by a detail of undercover police officers.

Officers say they noticed Allen acting suspicious as he went in and out of the men's restroom 3 times. Minutes later, he solicited an undercover male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform oral sex for $20. Officers realized he was a public figure after the arrest.

Bob Allen (R) was appointed Florida co-Chairman of the McCain campaign in March. At the time, McCain said he was proud of the support he received from Allen and that Allen and his three co-chairs were "respected leaders in their communities and have real experience wrestling with the important issues of our day."

Allen is a strong state right winger, when he was not taking a walk in the park, or having 'a real experience wrestling' with one of issues of the day. In December, 2005 he tried to pass the 'Sexual Predators Elimination Act' "which sought mandatory life without parole sentences, for those designated as sexual predators". It was strongly opposed by the nemesis of the conservatives, the ACLU (and fortunately for the likes of him) did not pass.

Just another long day in John McCain's campaign, that seems to be going down as fast as...well, I better not say.

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Ah, to gaily knit up the ravelled sleeve of care.


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