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Myths of the War on Terrorists

from Real Clear Politics:

In reality, this fight bears only a faint resemblance to a real war. Only rarely can al Qaeda and its imitators manage a strike against their prime enemies, Britain and the United States, and even more rarely can they succeed. Like the alleged terrorists who planned to attack Fort Dix and JFK International Airport, the perpetrators in Britain were not trained professionals but bumbling amateurs.

On Sept. 12, 2001, it was easy to believe that we would suffer dozens of major attacks on U.S. soil over the next six years, and almost impossible to imagine we would suffer none. Instead of being the opening blitz of a "long, global war," 9/11 was a freak event that may never be replicated.

I do believe that the sort of massive operation like 9-11 is much more difficult today because terrorists finally have the attention of nations around the world, and because they no longer have the sort of funding they used to enjoy. But as yesterday's report revealed, the moment you stop taking them seriously, they'll become a major threat again very quickly.

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Comments (5)


The doublethink of the Left never ceases to amaze. Terrorism is getting stronger because of Bush but terrorism is very weak and is an overblown myth by Bush, blah blah blah....

Make up your minds already. Geez.


Andrew is on to something, there is a problem with very contradictory statements on terrorism coming from you folks.

Good link to Real Clear Politics. I like that site.

Paul Hamilton:

I like RCP, too. They have a wide variety of points of view even if they are primarily conservative.

As for the contradictory statements, that was this author speaking for himself. I still believe that when we de-emphasized Afghanistan, we allowed al Qaeda to regroup there and so I believe they've made some gains lately.


The borderlands are simply a refuge denied them in Afghanistan and Iraq. Had we tried to pursue al-Qaeda into Pakistan we would have had the same problem then as we do now; Pakistan is a sovereign ally. Iraq, where Clarke said al-Qaeda would head after Afghanistan, was a sovereign enemy.


RCP is my favorite aggregator. Sure they trend right, but that's cuz more of the articles written that make any sense are right wing than left.


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