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Nailing the Bushbot's Babble

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) nails Sara Taylor on her classic Bushbot babbling, and in the process reveals the oh-so-prevalent attitude of many members of this administration as to who or what they "serve."

Click on the 'play' button in the lower left-hand corner to play the video.

Sara Marie Taylor (born September 15, 1974) was Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Political Affairs at the White House, making her one of George W. Bush's top political aides. She reported directly to Karl Rove. After the House and Senate Judiciary Committees approved subpoenas for her to testify regarding her involvement in the U.S. Attorney Scandal, she resigned from the Bush administration citing a desire to seek employment outside of government.

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Comments (6)


I heard she did pretty well.

Lee Ward:

She seemed really nervous, but in deference to kim's comment that Taylor "did well", as I understand it Taylor didn't drop any bombshells that could damage Bush -- you know, 'Bush' -- the guy to whom she pledged her oath of allegiance... snork.


She can have no effect on Bush's claim of executive privilege. What is she, the President?


Larkin, you are confusing ordinary 5th Amendment law with executive privilege. Taylor cannot waive privilege for Bush.

The Democrats have passed one significant piece of legislation, continuing the war funding. They have launched 300 investigations and the most high profile of these are a joke. US Attorney scandal? The polity knows Clinton fired 'em all with impunity. Pardon investigation? Big Hair Joe perjures himself. Bring it.

Bush is not doing Taylor and Miers a disservice for helping them around these Kangaroo Courts.


Remember, McNulty blew it with his hit job on Gonzales. Once Bush figured out Schumer's game, he's just playing 'Hold 'em'.


Well I had a nice post about the Democrats 'pursing' the war. That is the only thing they've accomplished so far, valiantly fighting off the Code Pink terrorists to do so.

But, I hit clear.

Larkin. You're gonna miss Bush when he's gone: You'll not see another economy like the one he can take credit for and you'll not see another time when it is only volunteers making the sacrifices to battle Islamofascism.


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