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BillO Says We Can't Win in Iraq

Raw Story commentary:

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly promised his audience "the truth about Iraq" on Thursday, saying that most Americans now feel the war has not been worth the costs, while "the president's argument for sustaining the war is largely theoretical."

O'Reilly turned on his special guest during the segment, White House press secretary Tony Snow, saying, "You can't win ... unless the Iraqi people turn on all the terrorists. And they're not."

O'Reilly said he agreed with the president that defeat in Iraq could harm the US but said that "enough is enough." The populist pundit who, according to his Wikipedia entry hasn't been a registered Republican since 2000, added that the American people are as exhausted by this war as they ultimately were by Vietnam, and also that "the Iraqi government is incompetent and "the people themselves largely ungrateful."

Did we slip into a parallel universe or something? Or maybe this is just some clever trap that I haven't figured out yet.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

That's a pretty significant shift in attitudes.

I wonder what tricks the Republicans have up their sleeves... I trust Fox News and Bill O'Reilly about as far as I can spit.

Maybe they are just going "blue" for business reasons, to attract a more mainstream audience?

Maybe they (Oh-My-Gawd!) are finally noticing that their wingnut constituency is going extinct like the dinosaurs, and they are trying to reinvent themselves?

Naw, I still don't trust them. These are patently dishonest people - it's in their core - it's who they are -- and they are up to something...


BillO is simply embarrassed and "lookin' out" for his own future viability in the commentariat.

He needs to have some evidence of not being a total Bushbot when in future everyone will be wondering how ANYONE was a Bushbot, post-NoWMDs, to begin with.

Notice BillO often refers back to the WMD litmus test he set for his own support of the Iraq Invasion. Sure, he renegged, but the archives are there: "Better be WMDs, Mr. President!"

He believes in the media mantra of America's attention span deficit, and will rely on his strategically placed "Nos" drowning out his "yesyesyeses".

Even if it doesn't, 1 or 2 bullets is better than none. He can at least Roll The Tape of his new-real version of self without doo doo on chin.


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