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Edwards Channels Bobby Kennedy

TPM Cafe story (no permalink):

Edwards Launches Poverty Tour In The Mold Of RFK

John Edwards begins three-day, eight-state anti-poverty tour today, reminiscent of the Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 trip that also ended in Appalachia. It will begin in New Orleans, the same place Edwards declared his candidacy. "I think the best measure is not a poll," Edwards said of the country's attitudes about poverty, "but the way Americans responded when a hurricane hit New Orleans. They made contributions. They volunteered."

Bobby Kennedy was the man who first inspired me to get seriously involved in politics, so while I'm glad to see a candidate emulating his deeds, it's a very high standard to meet, and I hope this is more than just another photo op.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

There is a boyish similarity in appearance to Kennedy but Edwards seems boyish in almost every thing else too. Joking or not Edwards: "We want somebody to be able to come from nothing to spending $400 on a haircut".. mnnh

I've spent over 3 months in the mountains of West Virginia, and don't know if that approach will work in a hard proud coal- mining country 'where a dollar saved is a dollar earned'.


"it's a very high standard to meet"

Puh-leeeze! RFK personally supervised the murder of Marilyn Monroe after having her therapist's office burgled and discovering she was blabbing about her affairs with himself and JFK and with plans to go public.

A cop went public in the 1990s who told of stopping a speeding car on Sunset Blvd with RFK in the back on the night of her death. RFK was "with his family", he said. "In Va"

OK, don't believe that. The case of the four "Free Cuban Air Force" crewmen (actually Alabama Air Natl Guard) who were shot down after the Bay of Pigs by the Cubans. RFK said, "They'd better be dead!" (They were, but he disavowed knowledge and witheld their widows' pension, eventually settling for a lesser payout)

Or the murder of Diem and Nho because they were negotiating for a settlement with Ho Chi Mihn (which JFK didn't disagree with, but he had the '64 election coming up and wished to play the anti-communist and didn't want to be embarrassed, so: kill'em)

Or Operation Mongoose (a JFK/RFK Personal version of parallel CIA ZR/Rifle) which RFK (in the Kennedy Library Oral History sessions, blamed on EVERYBODY ELSE (once they became known in 1967). Even though almost NO ONE else knew about it. Except the mafia.

10 others...but what takes the cake is this:

Upon calling a meeting (staff, council) RFK (like JFK) would enter last, and while everybody twiddled their thumbs in silence, RFK would sit and in would come the WH butler with a tureen of clam chowder and one bowl. That bowl would be placed before Bobby and he would be served. And he would eat his clam chowder and crackers in silence. None for anyone else, of course. Finally done, the butler would remove the bowl and setting, and the meeting would begin. So 20 minutes of Watch the King eat. Maybe I'm a plebe...

Steve Crickmore:

bryanD..I'm glad to see you don't play favorites...Yes the way the Kennedys' treated Marilyn Monroe was tragic, makes Clinton look like a choir boy.


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