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Edwards and Hillary Caught Making Undemocratic 'Trivial' Remarks

For those of you who missed the Thursday debate of the 8 Democratic challengers at the NAACP convention in Detroit who were invited to come by their hosts, the most interesting exchange occurred betwen Hillary and John Edwards, when they were caught 'on mike' after the debate..."Thanks Dennis."

Later both of the 'serious' candidates brushed off their remarks

In New Hampshire, Clinton seemed to lay responsibility on Edwards.

"I think he has some ideas about what he'd like to do," she said, adding she liked participating in the forums.

For his part, Edwards told reporters in Iowa that he wasn't in favor of barring anyone from future gatherings. Rather, he said he wanted to see them separated into two groups of four each, chosen randomly.

It doesn't seem so long ago, 1991, that Clinton (Bill) was called one of the 7 dwarfs..and Hillary wasn't even on the radar screen...It's going to be an interesting campaign and it has barely started.

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Lee Ward:

A deeply-wounded (and royally pissed) Kucinch is doing a heck of a job playing the victim on this.

An angry Dennis Kucinich lashed out at John Edwards on Friday, saying his Democratic rival showed "a consistent lack of integrity" by suggesting fewer candidates should participate in presidential forums and then trying to explain his remark to reporters.

"This is a serious matter and I'm calling him on it," Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, said in a telephone interview Friday. "Whispering, trying to rig an election, then denying what's going on and making excuses. It all reflects a consistent lack of integrity."

Trying to rig an election? Snork! Is that how it's done?

No -- but that is all it takes to grab headlines on a slow news day, eh?

Still, you'd think Edwards would be smarter than that. Hillary is playing it correctly, imho - straight and honest and don't say anything to generate headlines.


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