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New Front in Iraq: US Troops vs. Iraqi Police

The Iraqi police are killing our troops:

A US Army investigation has concluded that Iraqi police assisted insurgents in an assault in the Shi'ite holy city of Kerbala in January that killed five US soldiers, USA Today reported on Thursday. During the attack, guerrillas posing as Americans entered a government compound in Kerbala, killed a US soldier and drove away with four others whom they shot and killed later.

Among details included in the investigation were that Iraqi police vanished from the government compound before the attack, that gunmen knew exactly where to find and abduct US officers and that a back gate was left unlocked and unguarded. Some US soldiers who survived the assault told investigators they believed some attackers were allowed to blend in among Iraqi police inside the compound in the hours before the attack, the report said. It added that soldiers also told investigators they saw an Iraqi police commander in the compound talking on a cell phone and laughing as the assault ended.

Just today, our troops came under fire from a checkpoint manned by Iraqi police:

U.S. soldiers killed at least 13 people including six Iraqi policemen after coming under fire from a police checkpoint in Baghdad on Friday, the U.S. military said. A U.S. warplane made a strike during the raid in mainly Shi'ite east Baghdad after U.S. soldiers came under "heavy and accurate" gunfire from a police checkpoint, rooftops and a church, the military said in a statement.

Seven suspected militants were also killed during the clash, in which U.S. soldiers detained an Iraqi police lieutenant on suspicion of planning roadside bomb and mortar attacks on U.S. forces.

It's bad enough that our troops have to deal with a myriad of insurgent groups, militias, and terrorists, but now they have to watch out for the Iraqi police. It's high time to put an end to George W Bush's excellent adventure and pull our troops out of this shooting gallery.

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Comments (4)

civil behavior:

So what exactly would be the purpose of the Iraqi police aligning themselves with insurgents to attack US forces?

By my recollection of the "facts" from our government and the commanders on the ground (those are the ones who didn't retire to speak out against the current atrocity) is that all is well in la la land and we're "making progress".

I think it is ridiculous for us to assume that the dead bodies that litter the streets in Iraq have any other purpose than to encourage the US troops to pursue the notion that victory is attainable once we kill enough of them and the rest of them take flight. (which they are doing at the rate of 50 thousand a month).

Who gives a rats nest about a few disgruntled freedom fighters, oops, I mean terrorists, who think that a foreign army occupying their land is an imposition. Don't they realize that once they are all able to eat McDonalds hamburgers and buy Kate Spades newest handbag that all will be well? I mean the lack of electricity and jobs and sewage in the streets is just a minor inconvenience compared to the unlimited consumptive patterns that democracy will allow them.

We have gone beyond foolish stupid Americanos to oblivious sheepherders.

civil behavior:

You know Larkin, being a pacifist and all, I have gotten to the point in life (after going through the anguish of what was the previous immoral war of Vietnam and seeing thousands of innocents killed) that I really don't have much use for a military.

People who give me the old song and dance of how sometimes fighting is necessary I can cite example afer example of how useless training kids to fight is. It ends in domestic abuse of women, child abuse and other assorted violent acts i.e.rape and manslaughter and on and on. pErpetuating the notion that violence is a necessary evil is somehow antithetical to the tenets of democracy.

Great harm inflicted upon others simply comes back to bite one later. It might not be immediate but the energy does move in a circle.

The endless excuses for assigning support to a barbaric practice of men killing men as necessary, time honored and acceptable in this millenium is proof that neandrathal man has evolved little or none.

The retiteration of the same meme that disallows accountability for awareness of reality has become more than tiring. It has become the mantra that continually repeated is dulling the senses of millions much like the herding instinct Hitler used to condemn masses and implement exactly what is happening on this whole "war on terror" campaign.

No one wants to admit to the WHY? No one wants to be accountable for the foreign policies that have led us to this place. No one wants to subvert nationalism to universalism. No one wants to sacrifice what it would take to stop the madness. It wil conitnue to get worse because we have no leaders who have a stake in it getting better. They are already at the top. We have succumbed to the drudgery of serving our lords and are convinced that is what is expected of us and revered as laudatory behavior.

If I could sell in this lousy market of the largest housing downturn in recent history I would never look back. There is a large world out there and much of it now surpasses what once was a country where high ieals were the mainstream. Now it's mostly Hoo-Ra living and what's mine is mine and to h*** with you. Sad isn't it?

Steve Crickimore:

Civil behavior..You are saying the unmentionable... even the Democrats, say the talk, if not walk the walk.. Hillary blames the Iraqis and Obama wants to increase the US military budget and its manpower by 100,000 men and women...Is this any way to wage an asymmetrical war?

civil behavior:


The thought that we have top tier candidates who have been annointed by the very same corporations who's money has already been felt by the unconscious American as the best choices, notwithstanding there are at least six other candidates available to choose from, goes to show how deep the tentacles are imbedded.

Everyone still feels they have a choice. Relative to despotism we do. What few realize is that these folks mean business. They know exactly where they are headed. Come March 2008 the enactment of the Real ID act everyone will have been inured and be receptive to the "safety" of the biometric form of card carrying insurance.

What better way for the lords to prove their worth than to secure the worlds energy sources for their underlings while the plunder goes to the chosen few. Unfortunately the resistance has come from a totally different group than they anticipated. Our own are sheep while the newly liberated are upsetting the best laid plans.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would come to a day when my birthright was my enemy. Sad, sad indeed.


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