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Fred Thompson's Weaknesses

Bill Theobald, writing for The Tennessean's Washington Bureau, tells us "what Thompson foes will attack once he declares".

Noted recently in the press:


In the past few days, national media stories have:

• Questioned whether there is any substance behind Thompson's actor persona.
• Reported that an abortion-rights organization hired Thompson to lobby for it.
• Called Jeri Thompson a "trophy wife" and questioned whether her relative youth and beauty would hurt his campaign.

His weak record in the Senate:

Thompson served in the Senate from 1994 to 2003 with few legislative accomplishments with his name attached to them. Two of his most prominent roles -- helping push through campaign finance legislation and leading an investigation into Chinese influence on the 1996 presidential election -- are not viewed well by some Republicans.

Conservatives, particularly Christian groups, were incensed by provisions in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law that limit ads that interest groups can run close to Election Day. That portion of the law was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in late June. And the Clinton presidential campaign investigation is viewed as not meeting expectations. "He didn't satisfy those who really wanted him to go for the jugular," said Bruce Oppenheimer, political science professor at Vanderbilt University.

Additional areas include the matter of his lobbying work for a pro-abortion family planning organization, a matter which he denied but has since been proven to be true.

[...} a Thompson colleague at the lobbying firm, former Democratic Rep. Michael Barnes of Maryland, said it was only Thompson who worked for the group.

And he's a beltway insider:

...Thompson has spent most of his adult life working as a lobbyist or legislator in Washington. Given the unpopularity of the president and Congress, opponents are likely to try to tie him to the D.C. power structure and President Bush at the same time Thompson tries to emphasize his Tennessee roots.

The fact that he's actor and a phony will hurt Thompson considerably, in my opinion.

fred_thompson.jpgThompson confirmed that he would seek the GOP nomination back in late-May, and everyone was expecting a July 4th announcement.

Another two weeks have passed... still no Fred. Judging from the long laundry list of challenges to his qualifications that are expected to greet him after he officially announces, his shyness is not at all surprising -- and in my opinion indicative of this weak-kneed actor who is facing what appears to be a bad case of 'world-stage fright,' and losing.

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Comments (14)

If this is all they have on Fred, you need to start deleting faster.

"• Questioned whether there is any substance behind Thompson's actor persona.
• Reported that an abortion-rights organization hired Thompson to lobby for it.
• Called Jeri Thompson a "trophy wife" and questioned whether her relative youth and beauty would hurt his campaign."

Point 1) yes, there is something behind Thompson's actor persona...he will not require the dinosaur media to carry his water, which terrifies them (the dinos and dems)
Point 2) Republican voters do not care. See GHWB.
Point 3) Uhhh...who is lusting after whom? When has the national media ever cared about this? Oh, I forgot. Only when a Republican is running. BTW, Monica would have made a nice trophy wife but really, who cares about this stuff? After all, Fred did marry and Bill just lied and wagged his finger at us.

"The fact that he's actor" is exactly what has you Democrats so worked up. The last Republican actor elected cleaned the floor with Democrats because he understood one very important point that Republicans even today don't grasp: talk to the people, not to the press.

Oh ye of little faith. Here comes a guy who drops a mega-buck job and declares he is concerned for his new family's future.

He cannot reshape their future unless he has hands on the Presidency. So he tosses a stone in the pond and the ripple effect has turned over a couple of boats in the water and caused the big guns to roll out looking for a kill and did not even leave a bruise.

Now you holler world stage freight. Who has he to be frightened of? How can someone be critical of Fred? I mean he thought this testing the water thing all by himself. Put everyone in a nervous sweat, and is gaining by just the thought of him being our leader.

Get used to him. He's the next President.
Don Jones

Lee Ward:

Hes going to have to do more than just hunker in his bunker if he's going to run for President. All he's accomplishing now is avoiding election reporting rules by raising millions without declaring.

Wow, another slimy Republican -- I'm so surprised.

"Wow, another slimy Republican -- I'm so surprised."....how funny Lee. And Hill and Bill have been doing what for the past seven years? Donating their meager savings to the poor?....Contributing their time to ending world slime?....
No, Lee, they've been busy becoming multi millionaires.
And the money raising election rule avoidance?....go to tell it to the ChiComs.


Kathy Griffin's Gays have nothing on Fred Thompson's Gays. Read Don Surber's Page 2 and see for yourself!

Hugh S: RE: Your rebuttal to the point 2 Abortion thing: Were you born YESTERDAY? Fred might as well kiss a picture of Margaret Sanger in public to pick up the obsolete Rationalists vote because a closetted pro-choicer is nobody's pick in the Republican party. Why go half-way when there's Ghouliani?

And GHW Bush? PURE Reagan backwash.

"Were you born YESTERDAY?"

No, actually the day before......no one said Reagan would pick a pro abortion Veep like GHWB...look at his SCOTUS record.

As to my response on Point 2....conservative Republicans, when considering abortion, will vote Thompson before they vote Guliani. Why? Because they believe Thompson.

Don't try to rationalize this Bryan. I certainly don't rationalalize the Dem race. But do try to remind Lee that the money business is bipartisan and there is no moral high ground for him to preach from.


"Because they believe Thompson._HughS"

If Thompson surges to first place in the polls you may be right. If he doesn't, "they" don't.

As far as telling Lee that there's no "moral high ground", is that levelling neccessary for Fred to exist? Again: see Ghouliani.

Not to ride it to far, but (forget the Bushes: No 1: Reagan backwash, No. 2: Clinton Reaction, second term War Prez), but Republicans like Exemplars: Countrified law and order Yankee Coolidge, puritan crusader Hoover, settler war general Eisenhower, Quaker with Hiss's scalp Nixon, no-nonsense anti-communist Reagan.

Fred's an ex-senator-gone-Hollywood-cum-lobbyist doing Hee Haw impressions. Plus he looks like shit. And he has cancer.

Like I've said here before: what's wrong with Huckabee? He's more "Fred" than Fred. And he could actually win the general election. Easily.

Fred? It'll be a Health Issue. He'll be forced to go on the Today Show and swim laps (a'la Tsongas) to prove he won't die.

Lee Ward:

Health will be a factor, and another reason to be suspect over Thompson's reluctance to get out into the race by declaring... he may be pacing himself.

But, Hugh, you do realize that you are pimping for the man whom Richard Nixon described as "Dumb as Hell".

Don't join that club. Walk towards the blue light... everyone else is.

"But, Hugh, you do realize that you are pimping for the man whom Richard Nixon described as "Dumb as Hell"."

That is the least of my worries....and I'm not pimping for him. Stop watching the Simpsons, Lee.

Lee Ward:

I haven't watched the Simpson's for years, so I don't understand the reference.

I do understand that Dick Nixon really did call Fred Thompson "dumb as hell" - which brings to mind Gerald Ford, another Republican not particularly noted for his cognitive skilz.

Ford pardoned Nixon, so perhaps part of the appeal of having Fred the dumbass in the White House is that Thompson would pardon Bush?

Wouldn't that be ironic if Cheney's successful impeachment was followed by the appointment of Thompson as Veep - Fred following in Ford's footsteps precisely.


I do love those "Washington outsiders" the Republicans keep sending us. Looks like the Thompson family knows the game, though:

The elder Mr. Thompson helped Daniel through his political action committee as well. In the last two elections, the committee paid Daniel Thompson more than $170,000 in consulting fees, compared with less than $70,000 it paid toward supporting Republican political campaigns.

Dream on.

These insubstantial hit pieces have their origin in one rather obvious fact: you guys on the Left are scared witless by Fred Thompson, as well you should be.

Lee Ward:

And why is that, Bob?


Can't resist....

"Come on everybody have some sexual congress,
not the kind of Congress that contains Paul Tsongas."

- Sung by Homer Simpson to the beat of "Congo" by the Miami Sound Machine (Episode 331, "Catch 'Em if You Can")

More classic Homer: Lyndon LaRouche was right!


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