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Mitt Wants to Be America's Big Brother

from TPM Cafe (no permalink):

Mitt Romney Joins The Culture War In New Ad In a new ad entitled "Ocean," set to begin airing today in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Mitt Romney takes on the proliferation of sex and violence in popular culture -- even citing an old Peggy Noonan column that blamed low culture for the Columbine shootings.

View the ad here

So it's job of the federal government to deal with "indolence?" I realize that the LDS church is very much a Big Brother denomination, demanding control over all aspects of their believers' lives, but I sure don't like the idea of a president exerting that sort of authority over the supposedly-free citizens of this nation.

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fRICKIN-A! weird...

It's about time teh Mitts introduced some fresh DNA into the Lamanitish-LDS gene pool, Yes?

On the Plus side: Mildly retarded males with "curious" pointy-faced (and Cute! tho' perhaps retarded (who cares!)) daughters. "Teaching her to drive, Mr. Romney! Home (plate) by 10!"


Nobody wants to notice how well Mormon congregations do 'community'.

Lee Ward:

We need leaders who will work with and unite the whole country, not just the portion of the country who is like-minded and members of the same belief system as theirs.


You'll find Latter Day Saints working seamlessly with a Joseph's Coat of many hued believers. I'll bet you wear more in your posse than you think you do.


bD, I need to know right now.

Lee Ward:

Seamlessly with many hued members - lol! Kim, you do tell some great jokes!


In 2005, the Intelligence Report published the following statements made by Warren Jeffs, President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

"The black race is the people through which the devil has always been able to bring evil unto the earth."

"[Cain was] cursed with a black skin and he is the father of the Negro people. He has great power, can appear and disappear. He is used by the devil, as a mortal man, to do great evils."

"Today you can see a black man with a white woman, et cetera. A great evil has happened on this land because the devil knows that if all the people have Negro blood, there will be nobody worthy to have the priesthood."

"If you marry a person who has connections with a Negro, you would become cursed."[6]


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