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What's the Biggest Problem in Iraq?

from a Newsweek poll:

13. Right now, which of the following do you think is the biggest threat to achieving peace and stability in Iraq?

34 Al Qaeda in Iraq
9 Sunni nationalists
14 Shiite militias
13 Same/All equal
30 Don't know

Reading stuff like this really puts the lie to the right wing claim that the "liberal media" are twisting perceptions of the war. The media have been telling the truth -- that the main problem is local insurgents -- while it's the White House who tells people that it's al Qaeda causing the problems.

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Comments (6)


Interesting that the quoted poll is missing "Foreign Insurgents - Iran, Saudi Arabia, Other"

Regardless of which, it doesn't change what we need to do in Iraq, just how we do it.

Paul Hamilton:

Foreign insurgents are a factor, but IMHO, probably a small one compared to the locals Sunnis and Shia. However, I will bet that a large portion of the *funding* for their operations is coming from outside the country, and Saudi Arabia is right at the top of the list, no doubt. Of course I won't hold my breath for us to do a thing to them...

Great news. The surge is working and...take a deep breath...the DOD might double down and increase troop strength.
Wonder why that just popped out on the news? Maybe that Bush sees internal polling he likes? Or success in the surge ? Or both? Heard something about Rassmussen on the Hume Devil News tonight, can't provide a link...no, make that, won't provide a link.
Methinks that Kristol yesterday and Pentagon news today suggests that some are about to call the Dem's bluff.

Paul Hamilton:

He's got nothing left to lose, so why not just do whatever he wants and let the poor Repubicans in '08 pay for his arrogance.

"He's got nothing left to lose, so why not just do whatever he wants and let the poor Repubicans in '08 pay for his arrogance."

That would assume that the Democrats don't have a spine or an agenda...and lay their bets on Bush's "arrogance".
Show us some leadership Paul! Do you want soldiers to die just so " the poor Repubicans in '08 pay for his arrogance."

It's revealing that you guys really do let your guard down here at Blue....we can in fact take you at your word.

Paul Hamilton:

Well, if they want to go the way of Ned Lamont, they could, but I wouldn't recommend it. See my posting today on economic populism. However, I think it's a lot more likely that the war will be an albatross for the Republicans and smart Democrats will just figure that's the way it is and use other issues as a bonus for them.

But yeah, if I had my way, there'd be troops from Iraq on planes back home tonight.


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