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Finding Mitt Romney's 'Hidden Beauty'

hidden_beauty.jpgGood luck on that quest. Uncovered this item in an article on presidential campaign fundraising and expenditures:

Not all of Romney's expenditures were strategic. He spent $300 for a makeup artist. The payment went to a company called Hidden Beauty for "communications consulting.'' Madden said it was listed as communications because "it was for a televised debate and came from our internal communications budget.''

I wonder which shade of lipstick Mitt the Flipper chose for an important event like a televised debate. Peach Passion perhaps?

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

Lee..Both parties are guilty of this.. "primaries on steroids is a good quote" Schwarzenegger is probably going green with envy. Edwards' haircut which he was billed not for 400 hundred dollars but $1,250 takes the cake

Steve Crickmore:

Maybe Romney can give Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich the name and phone number of his beautician, at their next governors' meeting?

Lee Ward:

I'd have never pegged Romney as a makeup queen. Wow. $300? That's a lot of makeup!

Paul Hamilton:

At least he didn't get a $400 haircut [/sarcasm]


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