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George Will's "Weimar" Moment

from Andrew Sullivan:

"We are in danger of having, George, a Weimar moment in our politics. German politics was embittered disastrously by the belief that they were on the cusp of victory in 1918 and were stabbed in the back by the civilian leadership that didn't understand Germany's military prowess. There is a constituency in this town that believes we're winning in Iraq, that we have at last figured it out, that the indices of success are there. And if we pull out and have the kind of disastrous consequences, telegenic disastrous consequences or could have, we're going to have people saying, "We had it won and threw it away,"" - George Will on Stephanopoulos yesterday.

At the risk of violating the First Law of the Internet ("The one who first mentions Nazis automatically loses the debate"), it is remarkable that both the Germans then and the Americans now believe it's inconceivable that a military disaster could be their own fault, and that SOMEBODY must have stabbed them in the back to prevent their certain victory.

But the truth is that if we are to resolve the mess that is Iraq, we must be honest with ourselves, and that applies to all of us from the man on the street to the President of the United States. Iraq is a classic case of garbage in, garbage out and we must stop thinking that just doing the same things forever will ever fix it.

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Steve Crickmore:

Scapegoating has a long tradition in politics...Hitler's 'Weimar moment' has been repeated before and after many times, normally without such hideous consequences, but then Hitler was a one-off, thank God....It was before my time but wasn't 'who lost China'a popular theme with many conservative Republicans in the 50's.. Of course, two can play this game. But let's hope if Bush's policies continue, Dems won't be saying 'who lost the Middle East'


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