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Thompson Papers Reveal Flip-Flops

Yahoo News story:

Thompson recently said he was opposed to abortion rights and noted that National Right to Life endorsed him in his 1994 Senate race. But he told the Memphis group FLARE (Family, Life, America, Responsible Education Under God) in a 1996 questionnaire that, "I will not set a litmus test for any U.S. Supreme court nominee who has shown an understanding of the principles set forth by the Constitution."

As a senator, Thompson voted for legislation to ban so-called partial-birth abortion and to prohibit federal funding of abortions except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in danger.

But he also told the Eagle Forum in a 1994 questionnaire, "I do not believe abortion should be criminalized. This battle will be won in the hearts and souls of the American people."

In a candidate survey the same year for The Tennessean newspaper, Thompson said that states should have the right to impose "reasonable restrictions on abortions such as parental notification." But he said, "The ultimate decision on abortion should be left with the woman and not the government."

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times reported that Thompson was retained by an abortion rights group, the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, to lobby the administration of President George H.W. Bush to ease a regulation that prevented clinics that received federal money from offering any abortion counseling.

Sounds like Fred is pretty much like Mitt -- a born-again radical right winger. But, also like Mitt, he will not be able to run away from his own past.

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Comments (2)

U.P. Man:

What flip flop?

He is for limiting abortion.
He is for Parental Notification.
He has no litmus test for Supreme Court unlike liberals.
He thinks the states have the right to set limits on abortion. Laws set at the lowest voting level are most likely to be the will of the people.
Under current law, the right to choose is with the woman, or don't you want him obeying the law?

You know, for people who see shades of gray in everything you sure can't tell that there is a wide spectrum of those of us who oppose abortion.


Wow, talk about grasping at straws. Paul you are showing some severe lack of understanding by concurring with this news story. There is not one flip-flop in the entire article. This is just a pathetic attempt to try and smear Thompson.


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