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Harry Potter -- Anti-Christian Bigot

World Net Daily commentary:

At times, though, Muggles blossom into full-blown bigots and bullies. Harry's relatives are depicted in this way. His Uncle Vernon Dursley is a "big, beefy man with hardly any neck" (page1, "Sorcerer's Stone") who "didn't approve of imagination" (page 5). Because he is so ferociously "anti-magic," Uncle Vernon's worst fear is that someone will find out Harry's a wizard.

In fact, Uncle Vernon's attitude toward Harry is classic bigotry:

"Now, you listen here, boy," he snarled. "I accept there's something strange about you, probably nothing a good beating wouldn't have cured. ..." (page 56, "Sorcerer's Stone")

The message that screams from these pages for children to absorb is that these despicable people who object to "magic" are worthy of the worst scorn. And that's mostly what they receive throughout the Potter books.

Our children quickly figure out that Muggles equate to traditional conservatives. And who are the most fervently "anti-magic" in real-world America? Christians. If kids don't get this right off, the mainstream media's frequent, negative caricatures of Christians will connect the dots for them. Might this be one more clue to explain the rise in virulent anti-Christian sentiment in recent years?

In the Potter books, it's OK to hold such people in thorough contempt and sometimes openly mock them. Harry's school nemesis, wizard Draco Malfoy, shows undisguised bias against Muggles or those with mixed Muggle and wizard "blood," and his nasty attitude is politically incorrect by the school's standards. But Malfoy just expresses what the others secretly think.

You really have to wonder if the people who complain so much about the Potter books have actually read them. The Potter books are a classic morality tale, and even renowned Christian literary giant C. S. Lewis had no problem with using mythological symbolism to make a moral point.

And these same folks often treat Neo from the Matrix trilogy as a Jesus figure. And if Harry dies in the final book, he'll be Jesus, too, but since he is a wizard, I doubt the religiously-insane will recognize it.

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I think it's pretty much a given that they haven't read them, Paul. They know all they need to know - it's about MAGIC so it must be teh eEvile.

As far as Christians go - I wouldn't tar all of them with the same brush, as the saying goes. My wife's family are Methodists, and they're looking forward to HP as much as anyone. I've got the book on order, I get to read it first, then pass it to my wife, then she passes it to her sister...

About HP being an allegory re good and evil, I agree. It's also about choice - how you can CHOOSE one way or another. It's a good read for both kids and adults.

I'm also noticed much of the background in HP seems to be a thinly disguised retelling of the years prior to WW2, England against Germany. You've got good versus evil, you've got one house that seems to be trying to take over all the others, a charismatic leader (Ol' Voldemort) that's impelling the bad guys to do evil, you've got a government that's trying really hard to persuade itself there's no real problem and all of it is just a misunderstanding... I might be dense, but I sure see some parallels.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the first chapter has a Chamberlain-type figure declaring a treaty with the Death Eaters/Voldemort and proclaiming "Peace in our time..."


Ah, garbage. Make that "I've also noticed" in the fourth paragraph.


The Harry Potter variation of the Culture War meme by the self-satisified wing of Pop Christianity.

I smell Church Lady DRENCHED in White Shoulders. Unread Bible in tow.

PS: Just going by the movies, but aren't some of the (half-?)Muggles pretty decent and "good guys"? And isn't Hermione revealed as one?

Hermione is HOT! The End.


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