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Stop the Networks from Helping Terrorists

Townhall commentary:

You have seen it. We have all seen it. Worst of all, the families of the heroic soldiers killed, have seen it.

"It," is a video montage of American military vehicle after American military vehicle, getting blown up in Iraq by Improvised Explosive Devices, or IED's. Some of our television "news" networks will show one or two vehicles getting blown to bits, while others will ghoulishly show ten or more American military vehicles in a row, getting decimated by explosives hidden in the roads by cowardly terrorists.

More often than not, our very networks will use this footage as a propaganda tool to demonstrate to the American people that "Bush's war" in Iraq is a failure. Yes, we have all seen these horrible images, but did you ever ask yourself where the video came from? Have the left-of-center network executives determined to carry water for the anti-war movement, ever really wondered how they obtained such poisonous video?

Shockingly and almost traitorously, while most Americans don't know the origin of these videos, the networks executives who cravenly exploit the deaths and maiming of our young soldiers, know exactly where the tapes come from.

Another case of killing the messenger. There's no dispute that what the networks show is the truth, only that it's somehow objectionable. Maybe what's REALLY objectionable isn't that the networks are showing our troops dying, but that they are dying needlessly and pointlessly in a war that the American people no longer support and which is being maintained for the profit of people like Dick Cheney and for the messianic obsessions of people like George Bush.

If what you see offends you, remember who is really to blame.

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"If what you see offends you, remember who is really to blame."

The terrorists, not Bush!

If what you see offends you, remember who is really to blame.

Ashlee Simpson?

Paul Hamilton:

Engineer said:
>>The terrorists, not Bush!

Touche, to some degree, but Bush's recalcitrance in all things Iraq are certainly putting troops in harm's way for no good reason.


Ah, Townhall; the Volkssturm of Bushian rationalization and obsfucation.

Thanks for the laugh, Paul.

BTW: a KILLER(!), generally OT link from "BC" posted Over There.



There were a large number of mistakes made in WW2, both tactical and strategic. The press, at the time, didn't glory in reporting the Allies' mistakes (especially when lots of soldiers died to no good effect, as in Operation Tiger, a D-Day practice) and sure as hell wouldn't show German propaganda films without framing them to make it very explict that THIS was what the enemy wanted you to see to break your morale.

But nowdays, the networks know that bad news gets more repeat viewers than good. That's good for ratings. The higher the ratings for a particular show or segment, the more that could be charged for ads. So - given a choice between blood and no blood, they'll go with the blood.

And so we have our media broadcasting enemy propaganda - with no framing and a wholehearted acceptance that whatever is sent to them is true, factual and complete. And also exhibiting a very odd aversion and skepticism about media reports from OUR side in this war.

Truely we live in interesting times...


"And also exhibiting a very odd aversion and skepticism about media reports from OUR side in this war.
Truely we live in interesting times...
Posted by JLawson" |

No pantheon of Heroes in this war. Bush's choice. Arrivals and Funerals too embarrassing when "cakewalk" was the lure. Indignation cuts both ways they figure, so why risk it? Where are the martial exploits? IT'S A POLICE ACTION. (THX Maxwell Taylor McNamara Bush!)

Instead: the NASA-Challenger Hefty bag treatment; out of sight, out of mind. What are numbers against the 90% metropolitans who are (after all) destined to die on interstate highways. (We're animals, proles!)

Plus: Muslims not terminally "shocked" and "awe" is wanting, year 4, so the porn aspect is well spent.

I expect GW to remove himself to Jupiter Island in 2009. Peaceful, well-vetted...


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