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Fred and the Pro-Choice Group - New Evidence

TPM Cafe story (no permalink):

More Evidence Of Fred Thompson's Pro-Choice Lobbying: Billing Records

The New York Times
reports that billing records have been unearthed that prove Fred Thompson did lobbying work for the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association in 1991 and 1992, when they were attempting to convince the George H. W. Bush administration to relax the gag rule on abortion advice from organizations receiving federal funds. Thompson charged the group a total of $5,000 in the records found thus far, for activities that included talking to leaders of the group on the phone and lobbying administration officials on their behalf. Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo, who had originally denied that Thompson worked for a pro-choice group, is now backing off somewhat: "It is not unusual for a lawyer to give counsel at the request of colleagues, even when they personally disagree with the issue."

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Comments (4)

Lee Ward:

July 6, 2007 - link to this quote and more:

Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo adamantly denied that Thompson worked for the family planning group. "Fred Thompson did not lobby for this group, period," he said in an e-mail.

In a telephone interview, he added: "There's no documents to prove it, there's no billing records, and Thompson says he has no recollection of it, says it didn't happen." In a separate interview, John H. Sununu, the White House official whom the family planning group wanted to contact, said he had no memory of the lobbying and doubted it took place."

Thompson is just another liar, the Republican woods are full of them. He's an actor - he'll look you square in the eye and lie.

Here he gambled that the records would not be produced, and he could get away with his lie.

A gambling liar? Is THAT the best the Republicans can offer for the 2008 election? Pathetic...

Paul Hamilton:

I've got a posting coming up in a few hours about how the "Fred Heads" are getting impatient with Thompson's seeming reluctance to announce. I wonder how much this controversy has to do with the delay...

Lee Ward:

I guessed a month or so ago that there were skeletons in this guy's closet that he wanted to cover - and I suspect now that Fred won't declare until they are all out in the open, or safely buried.

He'd rather declare AFTER the bad new is out, rather than have the bad news come out and dampen his candidacy once it's official.


Bearing and rearing children is disempowering? What utterly mad mod hogwash.


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