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"Fred Heads" Grow Impatient

TPM Cafe story (no permalink):

Fred Heads Frustrated With Their Idol's Ambiguity

Many in the movement to draft Fred Thompson for the presidential race are growing frustrated with the actor's unwillingness to make his candidacy official despite traveling the country and holding fundraisers. "The time has come," said Keith Harper, the owner of FredHeads.com who fears Thompson will loose the grassroots support unless he acts soon. "Enough with the ambiguities. Enough with those around you being more decisive than you are."

I'm starting to get the feeling he's cooling to the idea real quick. He was probably listening to a bunch of hardcore types who convinced him that he'd be a political tsunami if he put himself out there, and sure enough, he got a lot of attention for a while, but when the poll numbers came in, he seemed to level off at about half Rudy's support. If the stories about Thompson being lazy are true, I cannot see him involving himself in a race he seems destined to lose.

If he doesn't run, it will be downright comical to see the reactions of those who saw him as the second coming of St Ronnie...

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

I don't know guys, It doesn't seem like bad strategy, to do nothing if you want to be the GOP standard-bearer. He has now moved just ahead of 'none of the above' and "though not yet an official candidate, actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson is now in a statistical dead heat (29%) with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani" for top spot, according to the latest Harris poll. Scroll down to 'stop the insanity. poll coverage'

Lee Ward:

There's something going on in the background here -- dealmaking -- skeleton burying -- cold feet -- second thoughts -- something. Fortunately , the stakes are high enough that whatever it is we will likely find out before the election.

It was no accident timing-wise that Mark Foley's despicable behavior was outed just before the 2006 election. We've already seen patriotic citizens rising up to out F. Thompson's hypocrisy -- and I suspect there will be more.

Paul Hamilton:

As carefully as he's orchestrated this pre-campaign (for lack of a better term), I agree that something has thrown a monkey wrench in the works. He let it be known that he was going to announce on July 4th and that's slipped now by over two weeks and still nothing. I don't know if it means anything, but the number and emphasis of his postings on Townhall are down, too. It just seems like the whole juggernaut has sprung a leak...

Paul Hamilton:

I just checked on Townhall and Fred hasn't had a column there since June 29th. And this is after he did 19 columns in the month of June alone and 41 columns total from April 23 to June 29.

Talk about being conspicuous by your absence...


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