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The World's Dumbest Fatwas

from Foreign Policy:

Unclothed sex

Who: Rashad Hassan Khalil, former dean of Islamic law at al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt

What: When Khalil ruled in January 2006 that for married couples, "being completely naked during the act of coitus annuls the marriage," liberal Egyptians howled with derision. Other scholars rejected Khalil's logic on the grounds that everything but "sodomy" is halal in a marriage. Absorbing the criticism but seeking to appease religious conservatives, Abdullah Megawar, the fatwa committee chairman at al-Azhar, reached for an awkward compromise. Sure, he said, a husband and wife could see one other naked, but should not look at each other's genitals. And they should probably have sex under a blanket, he added for good measure.

Several other examples at link.

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Comments (4)


Have you guys heard about the one that allows grown men to breast feed from their female co-workers? It supposedly established a familial bond between the two which apparently removes the suspicion of a man and woman working together.

Breast feeding.

I shit you not.

Paul Hamilton:

That's one of the fatwas listed in the story. That's why this story is tagged "religious insanity." :)


I'm still waiting for the "Give Heralder Loads of Cash" Fatwah.

(I just read the blockquoted bit, didn't make it the article.)

Lee Ward:

"I'm still waiting for the "Give Heralder Loads of Cash" Fatwah."

lol! Keep us posted, we're rooting for you.


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