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Mitt Winning Bush Supporters

TPM Cafe story (no permalink):

Romney Getting More Top Bush Donors

Bloomberg News reports that Mitt Romney leads the Republican field in donations from the Bush 2000 "Rangers" and 2004 "Pioneers" who were able to raise $100,000 or more for Bush campaigns. Thus far, Pioneers and Rangers have personally donated over $600,000 to the GOP candidates, more than two thirds of it going to Romney. These figures only count their personal donations, and not any other money they might have raised and bundled for the GOP candidates.

I've been waiting to see where the former Bush money would go. I still don't think Mitt can carry the day because of his obvious flip-flops and his LDS faith, but I guess in terms of rhetoric at least, he'd be the closest to Bush.

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"At least". God what poor tea leaves from which to divine.

Paul Hamilton:

Kim, when someone changes positions as often and as dramatically as Romney has, rhetoric is all you have.


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