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How to Create an Angry American

from Andrew Sullivan:

This video is worth a look - not necessarily for its conclusion or even for its occasional lapses into hyperbole. But because it puts together some lethal clips of the administration's WMD claims before and after the invasion. Rumsfeld's lies are particularly egregious. The evasion of responsibility, the callowness, the arrogance and, yes, the obvious deception at times: all this does not seem to me to diminish with time. The more we know, the angrier many have become. The anger is not a function of some derangement; it's a function of sanity.

Lie, and then lie about the lie. This is the utter and despicable lack of respect that the entire Bush Bunch has for the American people.

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You guys are a joke; go watch Ted Whatsisname.


We've got the civil authority; we need the sysadmins and the will.


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